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News on the Web

September 15, 2010 by

The need for print circulations is without a doubt declining, however, the need for news is only growing, but in a new fashion: The Internet.

The Internet has become a crucial component to most Americans lives today. It is an easy, portable, and reliable way of receiving information, including the news. A new ComScore release affirms that more than 123 million Americans visited newspaper websites in May, which is 57 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience. Not surprising to many, the New York Times Brand led the category with more than 32 million visitors and 719 million pages viewed during the month.

Top Newspaper Groups
Total U.S. – Home & Work Locations
Source: comScore Media Metrix
  Total Unique Visitors (000) Total Pages Viewed (MM) Average Pages per Visitor
Total Internet : Total Audience 215,691 592,519 2,747
Newspapers 123,897 5,339 43
The New York Times Brand 32,530 719 22
Tribune Newspapers 24,753 359 14
Advance Internet 18,053 326 18
USA Today Sites 16,771 154 9
WashingtonPost.com 16,677 178 11
McClatchy Corporation 13,987 216 15
MediaNews Group 13,362 141 11
NYDailyNews.com 12,502 122 10
Hearst Newspapers 12,017 195 16
Wall Street Journal Online 11,325 115 10


News on the web is also an emerging opportunity for advertisers, “visitors who are exposed to display ads on news sites are more likely than average to visit the advertiser website, are heavier online buyers, and tend to have higher household income,” according to the report.

Top Display Advertising Site Categories
Total U.S. – Home & Work Locations
Source: comScore Ad Metrix
Publisher Total Display Ad Impressions (MM) Share of Impressions Estimated Spending ($ 000) Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
Total Internet : Total Audience 354,636 100.0% 893,681 $2.52
Social Networking 98,176 27.7% 54,684 $0.56
Portals 69,664 19.6% 181,266 $2.60
Entertainment 38,104 10.7% 181,147 $4.75
e-mail 34,327 9.7% 32,370 $0.94
Community 15,884 4.5% 33,435 $2.10
General News 12,542 3.5% 77,055 $6.14
Sports 10,850 3.1% 68,214 $6.29
Newspapers 8,506 2.4% 59,441 $6.99
Online Gaming 7,929 2.2% 21,234 $2.68
Photos 7,391 2.1% 7,953 $1.08


 This study was published by ComScore.

Smart Phone Use Becoming the “Norm”

September 6, 2010 by

A recent study reveals that six in 10 adult Americans go online wirelessly each week, many from a smart phone. The most interesting part of this study is that cell phone ownership has not increased significantly in the past year, but owners are beginning to utilize their cell phone’s capabilities more.

Businesses have an opportunity to capitalize on this upswing of technology. Of all cell phone users, 11 percent have used their phone to make a purchase this year, something unheard of just a few years ago. Up nine percent from last April, many people – 34 percent – are using their smart phones to check email when away from home or the office. When looking at the 30 – 49 age group, over 43 percent are using their smart phones to access the internet.  

As people continue to utilize the functions of their smart phone, businesses should look into creating mobile applications or offering mobile-friendly versions of their website. Consumers are inviting business into their personal lives via cell phone by using wireless internet – business should respond to the trend early and engage with these consumers through this new vertical.

Learn more about these wireless internet statistics.

Twitter Users Have Not So Hidden Agendas When Following Businesses

September 2, 2010 by

Twitter users choose to follow certain companies for a reason. “Subscribers, Fans, and Followers: Twitter X-Factors” indicates the largest single percentage of users who follow a company, brand, or association do so because they have a desire to get updates on future products. Another 32 percent, the second largest percentage, want to get more information about the activities of a company.

It makes sense that users would want the inside scoop on an organization, and Twitter is often the most recently updated source for a given business. By checking for updates via Twitter, the consumer can know when it is time to prepare to invest and when one should be watching other markets.

Following these two informational reasons, the next highest percentages of Twitter users follow companies to receive discounts (31 percent) and freebies, such as coupons and samples (28 percent). Unfortunately, only 23 percent follow to show support for a company and only 20 percent have a desire to interact with the company.

For a company, successfully integrating Twitter into its overall marketing strategy can be tricky. According to ExactTarget, the key to success is to not think of Twitter as a way to maintain direct relationships with customers, but as a way to serve those customers who chose to follow them.

For more information on this study, visit http://bit.ly/8XzvdI.