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Posts from: June 2010

Web Video: A Business Must Have

One of the most effective new-media platforms to emerge in the past decade has been online video, and the stats prove it. According to ComScore, a source of digital marketing intelligence, U.S. internet users watched 178 million videos in the month of April alone. As both production and delivery technologies have advanced to make the […]

Specialized Trade Pubs Survive Internet Boom

According to a recent study from the Center For Media Research, the Internet has challenged the usefulness of trade publications in almost every industry sector. While not particularly surprising, the Canadian-based study could potentially provide insight into the Internet’s impact on trade publications in the U.S. marketplace. Debunking common beliefs on the increasing dominance the […]

Very solid BtoB ad from 3M

Very strong ad. Great use of copy. Whitespace. And a visual that says it all. Source: http://scottrope.typepad.com/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/3mmoneyglass1.jpg

Finally . . . website is one word!

Great news coming out of the Associated Press in the form of updates to its AP Stylebook (the grammar, definitions, use cases and rules bible for journalist and PR folks). After about 10+ years of getting it wrong — yes AP had it wrong — “website” is now one word! To read about the 41 other […]