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Posts from: February 2012

Single White Male Seeks Editor for Meaningful Connection: Pitching Refresher Tips for Hitting It Off Right Away

After what feels like hours of pacing back and forth, you finally muster up the strength to pull out that number and make the call. Thousands of thoughts are racing in your mind – what do I say if she picks up? What do I say if she doesn’t? Do I leave a message with […]

Weekly Reads for Feb. 20, 2012

Here are our top 10 picks for this week:   Five Trends B2B Marketers Need to Understand to Succeed in 2012 From MarketingProfs Chris Chariton explains why marketers should focus on content creation, online marketing and technology. 5 ways PR can lead to new business from Ragan.com So how exactly does PR help you generate […]

Time to Get Persona(l) With Your Buyers

BtoB marketers know that strong marketing starts with understanding your target market very well. As such, we take great steps towards understanding our target markets. We perform market research to dissect our target market into different groups of companies that share similarities or buy alike (the fancy name for this is segmentation). We slice our […]

Weekly Reads for Feb. 13, 2012

Here are our top 10 picks for this week: Essential social media advice for B2B companies from Ragan’s PR Daily Here are four things the B2B world can learn from B2C social media best practices. ‘BtoB’ NetMarketing Breakfast: Creating surprise with social media from BtoB Magazine Social marketing continues to intrigue, even surprise, marketers with […]

Hosting a successful B2B webinar: It’s all in the timing

A webinar on webinars? Yes, it’s true. BtoB magazine, in partnership with ON24, recently presented best practices for blockbuster business-to-business webinar performance. From start to finish, the stats revealed the success of a BtoB webinar is largely attributed to the right timing. Come early A longer runway is more effective in driving registration. This means […]

Weekly Reads for Feb. 6, 2012

Friday’s are great, and we’re making them even better. Today Arketi is introducing our ongoing blog series of the top 10 articles we’ve been reading each week. We hope you enjoy! 6 Ways To Get More B2B Leads From Social Media from Social Fresh by Kipp Bodnar While social media has many business functions ranging […]

How can you use Google+ to boost your rank in search results?

I joined the Google+ community last summer, and although I thought Google+ was a great, new social media powerhouse backed by Google, one question lingered in the back of my mind: “How can Google+ be used for business?” I think I’ve found my answer. For those of you not familiar with Google+, let me bring […]