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Weekly B2B Round-Up for Feb. 24, 2014

28 February 2014 by Mary Rose Macaranas

Here are the top business-to-business PR and marketing articles from this week. Hope you enjoy!

Half of Consumers Now Read Emails Only on Mobile Devices, New Yesmail Study Finds: E-Commerce on Mobile is Growing At a Faster Rate than Desktop E-Commerce
Daily Dog
For the first time ever, the proportion of consumers interacting with email on smartphones or tablets alone hit 50 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013, according to a new study from Yesmail Interactive. In its latest Email Marketing Compass report, Yesmail analyzed 6.4 billion emails sent in Q4 on behalf of clients across different industries. Within one quarter, the percentage of consumers interacting with email exclusively on mobile devices spiked, email-generated mobile sales increased at triple the rate of desktop sales (52 percent vs. 18 percent), and the number of mobile orders went up by 58 percent.

4 Tips for Writing Email Pitches That Reporters Will Read
In case you’re just a little bored with “how to pitch” stories…here’s another one! Confession: we know how frustrating the process can be. We also know that being a good writer does not always make one a good pitcher. Mattan Griffel, CEO of app launch service One Month Rails, wrote a great Medium piece on emails that busy people might actually read—and while he wasn’t specifically writing about pitches or addressing PRs, his points still apply.

Selling Online Raises Profits For B2B Companies, Study Says
It pays to sell online, accounting and business advisory firm Grant Thornton says in a recent study of 278 companies comprised of manufacturers, wholesalers/distributors and retailers.

7 things only veteran writers know
Being a writer sounds romantic—but is it? When you spend your days crafting copy for businesses, what should you expect? Is corporate writing very different from personal writing? Will it be fun and fulfilling, or tough and demanding? What do longtime writers say? To help answer those questions, here’s a look at seven things you don’t know until you’ve been a professional writer for a while.

Marketers' Three-Ring Focus

Relationships pivotal to keeping pace with social media change
PR Week
One key to staying up-to-date on the ever-changing social media landscape is old-fashioned networking. Facebook’s $19 billion purchase of WhatsApp caught many observers off guard, if not because they were unfamiliar with the mobile messaging service, whose strength is in connecting consumers in international markets, but because of the size of the transaction. Both in-house and agency-side communications practitioners say the mammoth deal underscores the breakneck pace of change in the social media sector and how challenging it can

Infographic: Marketers’ Three-Ring Focus
Marketers’ need to constantly juggle channels, preferences, and budgets can make marketing feel like a circus. But when it comes to their 2014 objectives, marketers aren’t clowning around. They list driving increased conversion rates (47%), increasing and improving brand awareness (46%), and collecting, measuring, and using behavior-based data (29%) as their top three marketing priorities for 2014, according to the “2014 State of Marketing” survey by the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud.

From Complexity to Clarity
Marketing Insights
Despite curation being a trendy topic these days, there is no clear definition of how it fits into the world of marketing insights. Though its application is most widely known to the art world, as a philosophy it has been evolving for 2,000 years. Insight curation not only exemplifies the past rushing into the future but stands to illuminate information in the marketing insights industry.

How to Lose a Social Media Follower in 10 Days
Social Media Today
Anybody While there are no set of rules for social media that one business should strictly abide by, there are certainly some things that will surely make you look like an amateur if you do them. While the whole purposely playing crazy kind of worked for Andie Anderson in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” in the end, I don’t suggest following these steps. But if you ARE trying to lose a social media follower in 10 days, do this:

Timeless Wisdom And Advice For 2014 And Beyond
In 2012 we spent some time learning from the Mayans and we think you’ll enjoy Olsen’s timeless wisdom and advice for 2014. We were impressed with Jeff’s ability to cut through all the hype and get to the heart of the matter when it comes to marketing in 2014.


Marketing Meet Technology, Technology Meet Marketing…

27 February 2014 by Mike

Is 2014 the year during which we will see the predicted and monstrous upswing in technology spending by marketers? If the extreme buzz about the rush of investment dollars into Marketing Automation is an accurate precursor then you bet it is.

Just this week two interesting pieces of content found their way across my iPad. The first is an article from MediaPost with new survey findings around Marketing Automation. What caught my eye was the statement, “91% of buyers are evaluating marketing automation software for the first time.” WOW!

Following that eye-popper, the article dives into buyers’ current methods of managing marketing activities, the top reasons for evaluating marketing automation software, the most requested marketing automation features and other juicy information. Check it out:

Marketing Automation For Leads Tops Buyers’ Needs


The second article was from Ad Age. It seeks to answer the question who will win the race for the marketing cloud. In a brief but comprehensive article it covers who leads the pack, what they’re offering marketers and what the future may hold for these technologies. Check it out at:

Who Will Win the Race For The Marketing Cloud? Ad Age Weighs the Pros and Cons of Five B-to-B Players

If you’re part of the 91 percenters that are pondering the role a marketing automation solution might play inside your organization check out our recent Arketi Insight: Maximizing Marketing Automation.

We know from five years of experience that a well-engineered and well-implemented automation platform has proven value. Thousands of companies of varying sizes and sales models have tested this and savvy marketers have come to rely on marketing automation technology as part of their technology armory.

Weekly B2B Round-Up for Feb. 10, 2014

14 February 2014 by Mary Rose Macaranas

Here are the top business-to-business PR and marketing articles from this week. Hope you enjoy!

How to Convince Skeptical Clients of the Importance of Social Media
Daily Dog
Those of us in the biz know how important social media is and how greatly it will affect the future of public relations, but strangely there are still people out there that need a little push in the right direction. Some of these people may end up being your clients, and will require some additional convincing.

B2B Marketers Expect Bigger 2014 Budgets: How Will You Spend It Wisely?
Sound the fanfare! Business-to-business (B2B) marketing budgets are on the rise! Forrester published results from a joint study with the Business Marketing Association (BMA) that looks at CMO-level expectations for overall program budgets, the composition of the 2014 marketing mix, and spending related to technology and innovation. BMA members may download a complimentary copy here.

vday cupcakes

Sales and Marketing: An Unfinished Love Story
Social Media Today
Anybody could tell that they were meant to be together. They shared the same passions, wanted the same things, but something or other just kept getting in the way. Both of them wound up feeling misunderstood, unsupported, unappreciated; they wondered if the other ever really knew them at all. The relationship between Sales and Marketing can be a heart-breaking tale: a romance waiting to bloom that never quite seems to get off the ground. Both value content, both believe in social selling, both want to generate leads, sales and ROI more than anything. But their instinctive desire to make each other happy is all too often undermined by bad communication.

The best—and worst—times to send an emailWhat Placebo Science Shows About The Importance Of Marketing
Yet another paper showing the powerful effects of placebos – drugs that contain no active ingredients – was just published. Researchers at Harvard and other institutions tested a true painkilling drug as well as placebo doses on migraine sufferers. The placebos, despite their lack of real painkilling ingredients, were remarkably effective. “The placebo… accounted for more than 50% of the drug effect,” the scientists found. In the big picture of medicine, this is hardly news. Drug tests routinely incorporate control groups given placebos because of the need to identify positive results that are greater than the mere placebo effect.
Despite the marketing and PR world’s love affair with social media, email remains a key component of any media relations or marketing campaign. Plus, it’s the primary way agencies and clients stay in touch. Whether we like it or not, email isn’t going anywhere, at least not in the near future.

An algorithm for crisis management
PR Week
One of the most common challenges communications executives face during times of crisis is when and how to calibrate the proper corporate response. At its most basic, the conundrum is often this: Does engaging early increase the likelihood of greater media interest and reputation damage than would otherwise be realized? At a more advanced level, the dilemma is determining how real-time judgments are made beyond the informal collection of data points and marketplace anecdotes.

The Art of Being Mobile: Engaging Customers on the Go
The way consumers access and interact with content on mobile devices has evolved considerably over the last five years. With the advent of smartphones, browsing, purchasing, staying on top of email—be it personal or for work—and keeping up to date with social media and the latest news on-the-go has never been easier. Indeed, recent figures suggest that by 2019, global smartphone penetration will have exploded to 60%, from the 25 to 30% it is today. The prevalence of smartphone and tablet use by today’s consumer makes mobile a key channel for marketers to employ, engage, and interact with their audience.

Arketi Group Principal Mike Neumeier Named Chairman of PRSA’s Counselors Academy
Daily Dog
Arketi Group (, a high-tech BtoB PR and digital marketing firm, announced Principal Mike Neumeier will serve as chairman of thePublic Relations Society of America Counselors Academy. Counselors Academy is a national professional interest section of PRSA that facilitates peer-to-peer exchanges between senior-level agency executives regarding agency management. Focusing on professional development, ethical standards and agency practices, Counselors Academy programs are designed to encourage networking, mentoring and peer support between principals and senior counselors of public relations firms.

Olympic Ads Won’t Win Any Medals, but Marketers Should Take Note
For two high-profile athletic broadcasts airing roughly a week apart, the Olympic Games and the Super Bowl feature ads with very different approaches to winning viewers over. The Olympics are a widely watched spectacle, but ads during the events don’t have the same bravado (or wackiness) as those during the Super Bowl. Brands still invest heavily to attach their names to the games, but they typically refrain from getting too edgy (with some recent exceptions).


Rescheduled: Atlanta Tech Edge Event

13 February 2014 by Mary Rose Macaranas

The PRSA Atlanta Tech Edge event has been rescheduled for Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014.

WXIA 11Alive
One Monroe Place NE
Atlanta, GA  30324

5:30-7 p.m.

For more details about the event, check out our recent blog post.

To register for the event, visit


The fireside chat will be held at WXIA 11Alive studios and will give PR pros a behind the scenes peek at how this show is evolving and how to build a working relationship with Atlanta’s only technology broadcast program. Arketi’s own Principal Mike Neumeier will moderate the fireside chat with producer Julie Short and host Wes Moss. During the session, Short and Moss will discuss what it takes to land a coveted interview on the 30 minute business show.

Atlanta Tech Edge launched in late 2013 and consistently reaches 20,000+ households weekly and airs on Sunday mornings.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, Feb. 27 at the fireside chat event!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by technology?

10 February 2014 by Micky

I wanted to pass along an interesting (and some might find intimidating) graphic related to the Marketing technology landscape.  Scott Brinker, who runs the very popular Chief Marketing  Technologist blog, recently published version 3.0 of his Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic.  Check it out here:  Wow!

It shows that the Marketing technology solution market has grown from about 100 providers in 2011 to about 950 in 2013.  Take a look.  And a big thanks to Scott for “coming out of retirement” to update the information.

Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2014)

(Click image to enlarge supergraphic)

And congrats to some of Arketi’s friends, clients and partners for making into the list!

Happy Birthday to Facebook

6 February 2014 by Jackie

Whether you’re seeking treatment for your inability to stop stalking exes on it or use the social networking site to reconnect with long-lost “friends” who you haven’t seen since “Friends” debuted, chances are Facebook has or will touch your life in one way or another.

It may seem like yesterday, when you hit “Like” for the first time, but Facebook just turned 10. BtoB marketers were slower to embrace Facebook than its BtoC counterparts. The reasons, many of which were legitimate, ranged from bandwidth issues to a simple uncertainty about the site’s ability to reach target audiences in a meaningful way.

As the lines continue to merge between our consumer and business personas, Facebook and other social marketing channels will continue to become more popular vehicles to promote brand and product awareness.  Cisco is one BtoB technology company, according to a Vocus blog, that has successfully used Facebook to engage customers. In 2013, the company announced its new integrated networking processor on Facebook and directed visitors to a blog with more detailed information.  Another success story is Dell, which uses Facebook as an industry resource and includes promotions as strong calls to action.

Facebook's 10th birthday

So, here’s to 10 years of Facebook and the growing role it will play in our lives as marketers in the coming years. And, here’s to the next Mark Zuckerberg. We’re all waiting for the next big thing that we don’t need now, but will not be able to live without in 2024.

Why BtoB Marketers Should Care About Social Media

5 February 2014 by Joy Reddy

Today BtoB marketers may rely on white papers and nurturing initiatives to connect with prospects, but a new study by IDG Connect found that this will soon be a thing of the past as social media will become the leading informant in buyer decisions.

When compared to editorial content and vendor-created content, social media is currently the least critical source of information for IT buyers, the study found.

But in two years, buyers expect that equation to flip as they increase the weight given to social media from 31% to 37% for influencing investment decisions. In the same period the weight given to editorial and vendor content will drop to 31% and 32%, respectively.

Social is already playing a role among the vast majority of IT buyers. According to the study, 86% use social media today in their purchase decision process.

To learn more about social media’s increasing importance in the BtoB space, visit Ad Age.

social media channels

Meet the Pros Behind WXIA’s Atlanta Tech Edge, Atlanta’s Only Technology News Broadcast

3 February 2014 by Kerri Moran

The PRSA Atlanta Tech Edge event has been rescheduled for Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014. Time and location remains the same and will be held at WXIA 11Alive (One Monroe Place NE Atlanta, GA  30324) from 5:30-7 p.m.

Please visit the PRSA events page for more details or contact Mike Neumeier.


The Public Relations Society of America Georgia Chapter is hosting a fireside chat with the folks behind Atlanta’s only broadcast show dedicated to our technology community. Atlanta Tech Edge launched in late 2013 and is pulling impressive viewership numbers, airing on Sunday mornings right after NBC’s Meet the Press with David Gregory.

The Wednesday, Feb. 12 event will be held at WXIA 11Alive studios and will give PR pros a behind the scenes peek at how this show is evolving. Arketi’s own Principal Mike Neumeier will moderate the fireside chat with producer Julie Short and host Wes Moss. During the session, Short and Moss will discuss what it takes to land a coveted interview on the 30 minute business show.

Consistently reaching 20,000+ households weekly, this “new kid” on Atlanta’s technology reporting scene is turning heads. This session will help PR pros better understand what types of stories drive Atlanta Tech Edge and how to best build a working relationship with Atlanta’s only technology broadcast program. No questions are off-limits.

Advance registration to attend this event is required and can be done at:

Some of our recent clients appearing on Atlanta Tech Edge include Intradiem, Spingbot, PMG, PrimeRevenue and High Tech Ministries.

Making the Most out of Existing Content

31 January 2014 by Micky

At the 2013 SiriusDecisions Summit, marketing analyst Marisa Kopec announced a startling new statistic: Roughly 60 to 70 percent of content produced by b-to-b marketing organizations goes unused. The issue, as Kopec points out in her most recent SiriusDecisions article, stems not from poor content generation, but rather from an overall lack of buyer insight.

For several years, many marketing organizations have favored  the production of product-centric content over audience-centered content built from a real understanding of buyer need and pain points. While there is certainly a need for product-based content, it isn’t always the most effective. Product-centric content lacks the ability to address buyer needs and advance the buying process – all leading back to that shelf full of unused content. This is particularly troubling for those spending large amounts of time and money on content creation.

So how exactly is Arketi helping B to B marketers overcome content inefficiency? Well, it starts with a process we call 3D content mapping. In short, content mapping is the qualitative process of identifying and delivering the information customers need at each stage of their buying process, ranging from awareness to validation.  Rather than producing strictly product-centric content that can often push buyers away, Arketi uses 3D content mapping to produce materials matched to the prospect’s need as well as their specific stage in the Buy Cycle. After all, in the b-to-b environment, strong, fresh and relevant content can be the single biggest accelerator in terms of moving prospects in the buying cycle forward. Following a process like content mapping can transform an underperforming content strategy into a source of new energized leads.

Check out our Content Mapping infographic here for more information.

Infographic: 3D Content Marketing


Three Ways BtoB Marketers Can Use Twitter to Generate Leads

30 January 2014 by Joy Reddy

Last Tuesday, Twitter announced that it is ramping up its offerings to BtoB marketers by providing advertisers with the long coveted ability to target users based on their email addresses. However, this will quickly prove to be of little value if lead generators don’t understand how prospects use the site. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t fall flat:

Make it Simple. “As with any lead campaign, the greater the number of steps that the user has to take, the lower the conversion rate,” said Ameet Ranadive, Twitter’s director of ad products. To skip a step, Twitter has created a lead gen card, which essentially creates a landing page within a tweet. Using the card, a marketer can ask prospects for their email address. But Mr. Stein warned against using the lead gen card before a community is built. “You can’t just start at the ‘please buy,’” he said. “You have to date for a little while.”Using-Twitter-to-generate-leads

Make it Personal. A corporate Twitter account can pack a punch, but lead generation often requires a personal touch. “We encourage every b-to-b company’s marketing and sales team to be very active on social,” said Mr. Stein. “They should use it to get to know their buyers and interact with them, and do it in a way that’s much more of a soft sell.” These teams can get to know prospects on Twitter, figure out what they’re interested in, and tailor outreach based on that interaction.

Measure and Optimize. Last month, Twitter gave advertisers the ability to track conversions generated from promoted tweets. This functionality can help BtoB marketers optimize their spend –and their messaging. By testing a number of different messages, BtoB marketers can hone in on receptive prospects and direct spend accordingly.

Want to learn more? Visit Ad Age for the final steps to successfully generate leads on Twitter.