Weekly B2B Round-Up for Feb. 11, 2013

Here are the top 10 business-to-business PR and marketing articles from this week. Enjoy!

How to Identify Content Topics That Hit Home With Your Readers
from HubSpot’s Blog
When you’re writing content as frequently as most inbound marketers do, you’re bound to stumble over a few duds. You know, where the topics you’re publishing just don’t seem to be hitting the mark with your audience. So here are a few techniques we’ve picked up over the year for finding the right topics for your audience so you can publish the kind of stuff people will love to read.

Top SEO Tips For Converting Leads Into Opportunities
from Social Media Today
While many businesses and industries are struggling to recover at least their initial investment, SEO is flourishing by leaps and bounds. It’s a boom time for the SEO industry as every day, many businesses are going online. Here are a few ways that an SEO firm can retain old customers and influence new customers.

Agency culture is job No. 1
from PRWeek US
The past few years have been stressful. The economy tanked; business suffered. Meanwhile I was pushing us hard to explore new realms of service such as creative design, SEO, etc. Through those stressors, we also worked hard on our culture; we did deep dives on “why people leave” and “why people stay.” We fixed stuff that was broken in employee relations.

LinkedIn Uses Personalized Marketing Tactics to Create Buzz
from The Los Angeles Times
The business-centric social network came up with some clever marketing recently to get users to talk about LinkedIn on Facebook and Twitter. Over the last few days, the company has been sending out emails to users congratulating them for having one of the top 1% or 5% most viewed user profiles out of their 200 million members.

Don’t Miss a Media Opportunity at Your Next Tradeshow
from B2Community
Many B2B companies have leveraged tradeshows as a vehicle to meet potential prospects and reconnect with current customers. In the last few years, tradeshows have attracted smaller audiences, yet they remain a solid avenue for companies to reach and connect with key media outlets, bloggers and industry analysts.

How B2B companies can leverage tradeshows

Marketing Automation: First Ask Yourself, ‘Why?’
from DM Confidential
While every indication shows a substantial increase in the usage of advanced marketing tools throughout 2013, we still see a troubling number of organizations that struggle to fully understand the substantial benefits these tools offer. For many, the answer to optimizing both the tools and the process of longer-term lead evaluation and nurturing requires a deep breath and a step back.

How to Build a Network of Contacts
from Inc. Magazine
Social networking may be all the rage, but online acquaintances are probably not going to put their reputations on the line to help you build your business. That takes a more personal touch. A business “network” isn’t about how many people know your name; it’s about how many will send you customers or help you advance your career.

No, the Press Release Is Not Dead
from PRNewser
We’ve recently noticed a good deal of dialogue about the future of the press release. Some seem to feel that the press release–with its self-lauding and company-specific spin–is, for all intents and purposes, irrelevant in a media world that runs on in-the-minute social media. Others, however, feel that PR professionals may simply need to tweak the way they approach both the releases themselves and the journalists they pitch. We tend to find ourselves in the second camp.

4 Ways to Make Routine Stories Interesting
from PR Tactics
It happens on a weekly basis. Your boss or a client wants you to write something that you’ve written (or read) a million times before — an announcement or news item that is as routine as your morning half-caff and buttered bagel. But writing doesn’t need to be routine. Use the following tips to engage your readers and move beyond the “lather-rinse-repeat” approach to PR writing.

By Ashley Biondich – February 15, 2013

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