Weekly B2B Round-Up for Nov. 11, 2013

Here are the top  business-to-business PR and marketing articles from this week. Hope you enjoy!

Army officer wants ‘more average looking women’ in public affairs materials
NY Daily News
You gotta get ugly to recruit women into combat, a top female Army officer says. Col. Lynette Arnhart has declared war on featuring pretty women soldiers in Army public affairs materials — and Capitol Hill lawmakers are livid. Arnhart, who is running a study of the hurdles to shifting Army women to combat jobs, took issue with a Pentagon photo accompanying a recent magazine article.

PR Trends for 2014: Focused Content & Multiple Formats Appeal to Niche Audiences
PR Newswire
It’s that time of year when we start to reflect upon the past and consider the future, and take stock of our personal skills and development. The significant changes in the digital media environment that are so instrumental in shaping public opinion today require us, as communicators, to continually update and refresh our strategies and tactics. Here some PR trends we’re seeing for the coming year.

Personal Brand Management and Social Etiquette: 5 Top Tips
Business 2 Community
The definition of a shortcut in marketing is any practice that will deliver a desirable outcome at a considerably smaller investment in time and effort than any other format of the same practice. The content published on our personal social media accounts can impact our offline life in ways most of us are already familiar with. Based on how it’s curated, a simple photo on Facebook can be a wonderful, sharable experience or an unwelcomed update that friends, family and employment would rather not see.

10 Tips For Reputation And Crisis Management In The Digital World
In life, and in business, reputation is everything. That said, reputation is very fragile and it only takes one mistake to cause irreparable damage to your company’s image. This is especially true in the digital world where radical transparency and high customer expectations reign supreme. Ignoring strong public digital voices isn’t an option any more. Companies have to learn to not only communicate effectively in the social media age, but to truly listen to the social chatter and respond in the way that align with both brand and customer expectations.

4 Tell-Tale Signs That You Don’t Have a Content Marketing Strategy
Social Media Today
It’s no secret that this year, SEOs and Social Media bods have been throwing the ‘C’ word around like it’s the next big thing. Well, it’s safe to say that content is not the next big thing, it’s actually been a big thing for quite some time now. A marketing discipline in its own right, it can make or break campaigns and can be instrumental in attracting and retaining customers.

5 reasons for hiring a smaller PR firm
PR Daily
What’s the first thing you did when outsourcing your PR? Did you Google “PR agencies”? Perhaps you visited a couple of slick websites, looked up their credentials, felt impressed by the big-name clients, then shortlisted a few based on first impressions? Then, seduced by sleek offices and sharp-suited PR directors, you reached for your checkbook, reassured by the aroma of expensive Italian coffee and leather boardroom chairs.

Infographic: Marketers Struggle to Make the (Data-Driven) Grade
Business leaders expect their marketing teams to be schooled in data. But when asked to evaluate their relationship with data, few marketers passed with flying colors. In fact, marketers averaged a B-, according to a recent Domo survey. Despite the meager mark, many marketers remain confident in their skill set. According to the survey, 90% of marketers agree or strongly agree that they’re secure in their marketing abilities, compared to just 10% who disagree or strongly disagree. And marketers believe that they’re not the only ones certain of their aptitude. 

5 Deadly Marketing Mistakes Startups Make
Fox Business
Your business idea is solid, your product is top-notch, and you’re on all the major social networks. So why aren’t you seeing the sales growth you expected? According to serial entrepreneur Drew Williams, it all boils down to one major issue: poor marketing.

Holiday-Retail PR: More Consumers Shopping Mobile and Local, New Deloitte Holiday Survey Finds—Two Thirds of Americans Plan to Shop Small Businesses or Independent Retailers
Daily Dog
Increasing smartphone ownership is taking more consumers down the digital shopping route, while many shoppers plan to frequent local small businesses when visiting stores this holiday season, according to Deloitte’s 28th annual survey of holiday spending intentions and trends.

What your website and ‘The Cosby Show’ should have in common
PR Daily
Did you know that producers strategically ensured that nothing time-sensitive was mentioned on the show? That’s right—“The Cosby Show” (unlike most television shows today) was created intentionally to stand the test of time. Static content—the content on your website that is permanent information to tell visitors about what you do—should be created with this same frame of mind. Below are some key lessons that we can all learn from “The Cosby Show” to apply to the strategic content on our website.

Marketing 101: The Importance of Conversion
In our new Metrics That Matter series, Mashable is speaking with digital marketers about the metrics they pay attention to and why. While it’s always a good thing to have consumers tweet nice things about you and “like” your Facebook posts, marketers are in the business of selling, and they need to influence consumer behavior. The goal is first, to let people know about a product and second, convince them to buy it. But to do so, they need a solid grasp on the best ways to convert consumers.

By Mary Rose Macaranas – November 22, 2013

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