Weekly Reads for April 30, 2012

Here are our top 10 picks for this week:


Is social media simply a bad choice for B2B?
from Ragan.com
When your brand’s name is synonymous with your product, just how useful is social media? That’s what Xerox is figuring out. At the Digitas NewFront conference in New York last week, the company’s chief marketing officer, Christa Carone, said of sponsored tweets, “I’m not sure it works for our campaigns and our messaging.”

Infographic: Presentations with 1-20 slides get read most
from Ragan.com
A new infographic from Sales Crunch zeroes in on just how many of your slides people read after the presentation. The takeaway? People read presentations with fewer slides more than long ones, and for longer periods of time.

Social media analytics: The basics for brands
from PR Daily
Measurement is a ceaseless debate in social media. One of the biggest problems organizations face is defining the key performance indicators (KPIs) they should look at when assessing their efforts. This infographic from Social Media Today lays out some of the analytic basics that almost every business can relate to and understand.

How to Generate More Opportunity From Existing Customers
from Social Media Examiner by Michael Stelzner
In this video I interview Becky Carroll, who is the author of the great new book, The Hidden Power of Your Customers. Becky shares the story and meaning behind her “ROCK” strategy and why it is so important to focus on your existing customers.

Create your own infographics at Visual.ly
from The Publicity Hound’s Blog
Create your own infographic at Visual.ly, a start-up that allows anyone to quickly and easily create professional quality designs with their own data. When you’re ready to show your work to the world, publish it on your Visual.ly profile, your own personal showcase.

A marketer’s guide to the social media landscape: UPDATED
from PR Daily
Companies that jump into social media ventures often wonder which social tools are right for them. Good thing CMO.com updated its highly informative social media primer to help match your goals to the right social media outlets.

If You are Going to Help a Reporter, Remember to be helpful
from PR Breakfast Club
Help a Reporter is great resource for PR pros to have and it presents opportunities not found elsewhere. Stay focused and don’t get sloppy just because you’re emailing a reporter you don’t know. Remember, it is easy to spot a quality PR pro in the batch of query responses by the time that was taken to craft the answer.

Some Small Businesses Are Making One BIG Mistake, And Other Hot Topics
from Constant Contact blogs: Fresh Insights
A new study from BIA/Kelsey found that 80.5% of small businesses are breaking a major best practice by not linking their website to their Facebook, Twitter, or other social media networks. The study also found that almost 75% are missing an email link on their homepage and more than 90% of business sites are not mobile-compatible.

Tech companies lag in corporate blog activity
from BtoB Magazine
Despite the rise of social media and content marketing as key marketing elements, only 20.5% of technology companies have corporate blogs, according to a study by content management company Percussion Software Research.

Dissecting Today’s Top Social Media Tools [Infographic]
from March Communications
With so many different social media tools, it’s often difficult to determine which are best to use for specific campaigns or outreach strategies. Luckily, Zintro compiled a useful infographic detailing the demographics and benefits of four of today’s major social networks.

By Arketi – May 4, 2012

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