Weekly Reads for Feb. 13, 2012

Here are our top 10 picks for this week:

Essential social media advice for B2B companies
from Ragan’s PR Daily
Here are four things the B2B world can learn from B2C social media best practices.

‘BtoB’ NetMarketing Breakfast: Creating surprise with social media
from BtoB Magazine
Social marketing continues to intrigue, even surprise, marketers with its effectiveness, according to a panel of b-to-b marketers at the BtoB NetMarketing Breakfast.

The most popular content marketing tactics
from Ragan.com
This infographic from BlueGlass illustrates how B2B marketers use content marketing, what they use it for, and which companies use it best.

A Critical Path for Customer Relevance, Part 1
Brian Solis
In a survey of over 1,700 CMOs in 2011, IBM found that the intention of customer engagement was certainly present, but that executives were unclear in how to assess and integrate new technology in managing and leading customer relationships.

Avoid these words in email subject lines
from Ragan.com

This infographic from Boomerang details how you can make the time you spend on email more effective, and how to ensure people read what you send.

Mining social relationships for sales leads
from BtoB Magazine

Traditionally companies divide the leads assigned to in-house sales reps by territory. Networking solutions company Network Hardware Resale, however, has decided to assign leads by social connections.

How Measuring PR Helps You Triumph Over Competitors
from Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog
In any competitive environment you need to keep score in order to know where you stand. In business—and PR—it’s survival of the fittest, and measurement makes you a lot fitter.

Why ugly websites are so successful
from Ragan.com

In the eyes of many customers, ugly equals authentic and credible. Ugly helps you get the task completed quickly without any fuss or distraction. Ugly is going to give you the details. Ugly is not hiding anything.

Social Engagement: Thinking Big Can Be Very Small
from Crawford
by Kate Schackai
I read too much, I’m sure, about technology, big data, and the various threads of the social economy that interest me. I’m amazed at how often people think so big that they forget that the great part about having scads of numbers is the ability to get granular.

Report: Content and the New Marketing Equation
from Brian Solis
Altimeter Group released a new report, “Content: The New Marketing Equation Why Organizations Must Rebalance.” The report helps organizations find balance in the creation of effective content strategies while delivering value to stakeholders and consumers and also the bottom line.

By Arketi – February 17, 2012

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