Weekly Reads for June 11, 2012

Here are our top 10 picks for this week:


Can you hear me?
from RepMan
One should NOT engage with an audience until one first listens to their wants, needs, hopes and dreams. By not listening first and engaging second, these firms are committing a fundamental mistake. Today’s strategic communications begins with listening (ongoing listening also dictates the myriad twists and turns a campaign makes along the way).

7 Ways to Increase Your Blog Visibility With Social Sharing
from Social Media Examiner by Janet Aronica
Are you looking to drive more traffic to your blog content? Social sharing is critical. But how can you make your content as shareable as possible? Follow this process, and consider the following 7 tips.

Make room for data
from BtoB Magazine
The rise of Big Data has complicated direct and digital marketing as never before. While new technologies have increased marketers’ understanding of their customer and prospect databases, the amount of data flowing into those databases is overwhelming the technology—as well as marketers’ state of mind.

Social sharing closely matches SEO
from BtoB Magazine
Facebook and Twitter link sharing is closely correlated with how prominently a website ranks in Google search results, according to a study by search analytics software company Searchmetrics Inc.

Compounding The Return On Your Content
from My Three Cents by Ken Makovsky
Last month, a survey of 329 senior executives in North America — by digital consulting firm PulsePoint Group and the Economist Intelligence Unit — found that an astonishing 84% of senior execs in North America reported improved marketing/sales effectiveness as a result of investing marketing budgets into social media initiatives.

DMA finds direct-mail response rates outperform digital
from BtoB Magazine
While direct mail has been marginalized in favor of digital channels in recent years, direct-mail response rates outperform digital programs, according to a report from the Direct Marketing Association.

10 ways brands should use images online
from Ragan.com
With the $1 billion acquisition of Instagram and the meteoric rise of Pinterest, it’s clear marketers are paying more attention to images and how people share them online. How might a brand use images to encourage follower feedback, promote social sharing, and drive Web traffic? These 10 tips are a solid place to begin or review current photo-posting strategies.

Marketing Campaign: 4 Top Tips to Generate Demand
from Fearless Competitor
As demand generation is all about managing marketing towards customer’s interest along specific stages in their decision making process, it is important to understand what that process is. Taking the time to study your customers’ habits is invaluable, through feed-back forms, focus groups and even conducting questionnaires in the field.

4 Ways to Create Content That Sells
from Social Media Examiner by Marcus Sheridan
In this article I’ll discuss 4 ways companies can create blog content to bring in more sales. Adapt the principles here to your industry or niche to get more business with your company’s blog.

5 Integrations That Will Amplify the Power of Your Lead Nurturing
from HubSpot’s Inbound Internet Marketing Blog by Magdalena Georgieva
In this blog post, we’ll explore some ways in which lead nurturing relies on and impacts other marketing elements, and exactly how you can take advantage of these optimization opportunities.

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