Weekly Reads for June 18, 2012

Here are our top 10 picks for the week:

7 Pinterest Tips for B2B Companies
from Social Media Examiner by Mitt Ray
Have you used Pinterest to promote your business-to-business (B2B) company? Many consumer-facing businesses have had a lot of success promoting themselves with Pinterest. A recent study by SteelHouse shows that “Pinterest Users Are Nearly Twice as Likely to Purchase Than Facebook Users.” However, many B2B businesses are still wondering how to promote themselves with Pinterest. Here are 7 tips for successfully using Pinterest for your B2B business.

Thought Leadership: The Most Misused Term in B2B Marketing?
from Savvy B2B Marketing
Outside of industry jargon, no phrase is thrown around as lightly as “thought leadership” in the technology sector. In my work developing content for technology companies, the topic of “thought leadership” comes up often. The discussion usually goes like this: “We want to develop a thought-leadership white paper.” When I ask what innovative or visionary ideas the company wants to share, I’m often met with silence. Or am pointed to the insights and visions of others and told to reference those.

Gaining Business Leader Buy-in: 7 CEO personas
from Marketingsherpa Blog
If you want to get the budget you need to buy a new tool or platform, you have to convince the CEO that you can deliver some serious ROI. Kristin Zhivago, President, Zhivago Management Partners, broke down CEOs into seven “functional personas” to help you understand how to work with, and pitch to, your business leaders.

4 Metrics Every Content Marketer Needs to Measure: Interview with Jay Baer
from Content Marketing Institute
You can only manage what you measure.  Setting your content up for success means understanding what you want it to actually achieve before you implement. To tackle the content measurement conversation, I knew I had to get Jay Bear, Convince & Convert, on Content Marketing 360 Radio Show.

Why the Future of Home Page Design is “Funnel Marketing”
from the Sales Lion
As a consumer, when you land on the home page of a website, what do you want to achieve? In other words, what’s your immediate goal? What is it that makes a great home page vs. one that frustrates you and leaves you wanting? Although many answers could be given to this question, I submit we all share one central desire: To find what we’re looking for IMMEDIATELY…without having to think too hard to get it.

B2B Sales Cycle: 4 steps to avoid the wasteful ‘no decision’
from B2B Lead Blog
CSO Insights, which interviews thousands of chief sales officers to benchmark B2B sales best practices, has tracked an alarming trend. Over the past six years, forecast deals are closing at a lower and lower rate, and a dramatically higher percentage are ending up with the prospect making no decision at all. In the technology industry, for example, “no decisions” have jumped from 17% in 2006 to a whopping 26% today. That’s more than one in every four deals!

Media Relations 101: Veteran Tech Reporter Provides His Take on Subject Lines, Press Releases and The Constant Influx of “Bring Your Own Device” Pitches
from Tech Affect by Kate Ryan
When it comes to getting media relations right, there’s nothing like hearing best practices right from the reporter’s mouth. That’s why I recently sent a note to a technology reporter with 20 years’ experience (currently working for a well-known enterprise technology news site) asking him for his personal best practices when it comes to sending over a story idea for an article.

How to Drive Nonstop Traffic to Your Press Releases
from The Publicity Hound’s Blog
When you write a press release, you probably post it to your website. If you have a budget, you distribute it through one of the distribution services like eReleases, PRWeb or PR Newswire. That’s a start. But you’re not done yet. The immediate bump in traffic you see after distributing the release won’t last long. In fact, most people report a drop-off in traffic as time goes by. That’s why you need to continue to drive traffic to that press release so it’s working for you round the clock, every day of the year.

Is data killing creativity?
from  PRWeek US
Jon Vein, co-founder and CEO of Marketshare, pointed out that consumers don’t exist in one channel and that that must be top of mind when evaluating data. He disagreed with Stengel and said brand value and sales are not always driven by buzz. He added that data is no longer a “nice to have,” rather a “need to have.”

Facebook B2B Content Campaign Increases Reach
from Dianna Huff
In May I conducted a Facebook campaign: 31 Tips in 31 Days for Generating Website Leads. As I posted elsewhere, I got this idea from Constant Contact; they did a similar campaign in February where they posted social media tips. I liked the idea of posting tips — especially “graphical” tips. I’ve noticed in my own personal feed that graphics and photos get more Likes, comments and shares than plain text posts.

By Ashley Biondich – June 22, 2012

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