Weekly Reads for June 4, 2012

Here are our top 10 picks for this week:

Tech (or any) Writing: KISS
from Crawford
Just because you understand tech terminology, don’t assume the rest of the world does. By some mystical process, insider terminology transfers to brand marketing without much forethought — companies assume that technologies and protocols are great product names that the everyday person can relate to.

5 Ways Digital Has Forced Agencies to Adapt
from Mashable Business
Technology advancements have changed the way business gets done for all kinds of companies, including media agencies. Established agencies are competing with newer, more nimble firms founded by digital natives, and leaders in the field are innovating best practices and inventing new ways to deploy messages, activate consumers and measure outcomes.

The CCO vs. CMO: Who wins? Hint: It better be the customer
from RepMan
Customer service is ultimately the most important part of an organization. It won’t be long before we see enlightened CCOs or CMOs elevate customer service to the primary function in the organization, with marketing and communications reporting into it. The title really doesn’t matter.

The 6 social media personas marketers need to understand
from PR Daily
To appeal to consumers online, you need to know who they are first. That’s the gist of a new infographic from marketing firm Aimia, which identified the six types of social media personas—from the “No-Shows” to the “Mix-N-Mingler.” The language in the infographic is packed with jargon (“marketers must leverage a segmentation approach”), but the personas are certainly worth noting.

10 terms to avoid in business writing
from Ragan.com
In business-to-business writing, allowances should be made for poor word choices—except, that is, when it comes to these 10 unforgivable words. Whatever your industry, avoid these terms, because they are the fastest way to sabotage your message.

How Can We Measure This?
from March Communications by Sarah Love
PR measurement has been a hotly debated topic for almost as long as PR has existed, and it seems that every marketing and PR professional has their own way to define success. Is it coverage? Number of sales leads? How happy your CEO is? And even if you are able to define the result of a successful PR campaign – how can you measure which sales leads came from PR?

Survey finds automated campaigns on the rise
from BtoB Magazine
Marketers plan to increase the number of automated campaigns, according to a survey by marketing automation company Silverpop and Forrester Research, with 59% reporting they’ll boost automated campaigns this year.

LinkedIn facing privacy backlash
from PRWeek US
Mobile security researchers have discovered that LinkedIn’s mobile app is transmitting personal data from calendar entries back to LinkedIn’s servers without users’ knowledge.

5 Reasons You Should Measure Social Media Return on Investment
from Social Media Examiner by Nichole Kelly
There are many who would argue that a financial return doesn’t show the true value of social media for the organization. I would agree that ROI doesn’t paint the full picture. However, the bottom line is that executives and business owners sleep, eat, and breathe ROI.

What Is A Public Relations Consultancy?
from The Holmes Report
Organizations need to engage their stakeholders (consumers, employees, shareholders, communities and others) in honest and authentic conversation in order to develop real relationships with them.

By Ashley Biondich – June 8, 2012

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  • Thanks for including my blog from March Communications on PR measurement – hope you found it useful!