Weekly Reads for May 14, 2012

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Study: B-to-b companies lag b-to-c in social media tracking
from BtoB Magazine
B-to-b companies trail b-to-c companies in tracking social media and responding to social media customer feedback, according to a new study by customer experience software company Satmetrix Systems.

6 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business
from Social Media Examiner by Mitt Ray
Pinterest was the fastest stand-alone site ever to reach 10 million monthly unique visitors. One study shows how Pinterest has been bringing in more traffic to websites than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube put together. Brands are benefiting with Pinterest in generating traffic and sales. So if you’d like to attract a lot of traffic to your website using Pinterest, check out these 6 tips.

25 Link-Building Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website
from Computerworld
Relevant inbound links from authoritative, trusted and/or quality websites are every search marketer’s dream. To help your site develop a quality inbound link profile, we’ve collected 25 top link-building strategies and tips from three experts.

Is Social Media Killing the News Industry?
from March Communications by Meredith L. Eaton
Schools.com has created an infographic that aims to show how “social media is replacing traditional journalism as a news source.” The research depicted in the infographic shows that 59.5% of people get their news from TV, 28.8% from newspapers, 27.8% from social media and 18.8% from radio. Of the 27.8% using social media as their news source, 59.5% use Facebook, 19.9% use Twitter, 12.7% use YouTube and 11.6% use Google+.

How to create a Facebook page your fans visit frequently
from Ragan.com
For social media managers, Facebook brand pages are a relatively simple way to connect with fans in real time. We rely on fans seeing our posts in the news feed to drive “likes” and inspire people to leave comments. Making your Facebook page a destination isn’t easy, but some brands are doing it with aplomb.

Bringing humanity back in a technology-driven world
from  PRWeek US
Last month, I sat on a panel with several other practitioners to discuss how the role of PR has evolved in recent years.

Taming PR’s latest trend: Big Data
from PR Daily
Big Data is the practice of collecting the information scattered across the Web to better target consumers, and it has a promising future for the public relations industry—from predictive analytics to mining data from social media interactions.

Using content marketing for leads-to-sales optimization
from BtoB Magazine
The growing importance of content in online marketing is nearly matched by the increasing competition for prospects’ time and attention. According to Intel Corp., every minute there are 3,000 photos uploaded, 100,000 tweets, 1.3 million YouTube video views, 2 million Google search queries, 6 million Facebook views and more than 200 million emails sent.

4 ways to make your logo effective
from Ragan.com
When businesses, new or old, take it upon themselves to hone their identities and tell their brands’ stories through their logos, they embark on a huge endeavor. Since brands are living things with personified characteristics, it is important they stay current and relevant.

The power of CSR in building consumer relationships
from PRWeek US
Understanding the need for human connection is critical for any company that wants to create deeper relationships with its consumers and to elevate them to brand supporters and advocates.

By Arketi – May 18, 2012

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