In marketing, as in life, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” Successful marketing and PR must be process-driven, metric-focused, and based on a true understanding of the customer’s needs and concerns. 

Consistent execution that integrates all the marketing disciplines is key – with this in place, out-of-the-box ideas can be applied to truly differentiate your organization.

Arketi aims to apply best practices and a metrics-proven, results-based approach that drives revenue – not just leads, not just web hits, but real revenue. This requires the right systems and processes, but also the right mindset.

Our methodology is based on more than 25 years of business-to-business marketing and PR experience. The outcome is an structured, but flexible “act... learn... iterate” process that ensures changes in the business environment are appropriately reflected in our projects.

The Arketi process follows five steps:

  • UNEARTH: a deep-dive into your business to understand your goals and what constitutes “success”
  • RESEARCH: a thorough look at your market, your competitors, your customers and what they care about
  • DEVELOP: generate strategies, plans, messages and creative concepts
  • TEST/REFINE: review what we’ve developed against the relevant audiences and refine them for maximum impact
  • EXECUTE: implement an efficient and effective program or campaign

Interested in applying best practices in PR and digital marketing to your business? Arketi can apply its award-winning methodology to help your business generate more revenue.

See how we apply our strategic thinking and research-based methodology in these key practice areas:

Virtual Premise and <em>The Search for Real Estate Savings</em> - Watch Now
Arketi clients speak

Virtual Premise and The Search for Real Estate Savings

Debora Tucker, Director of Marketing for Virtual Premise, discusses earning a Technology Marketing Excellence Award (TAMY) from TAG Marketing, a society of the Technology Association of Georgia. 

Virtual Premise, an industry-leading provider of web-based real estate information management solutions, earned this award for The Search for Real Estate Savings campaign created by Arketi.