BtoB public relations

For some, public relations is all about media coverage, but at Arketi we take a longer-term view: PR is about building a trusted, honest relationship with the audiences who are key to your organization’s advancement.

That’s not to say that coverage doesn’t count, or that months go by before you see results. You need results: clips to show the CEO, leads to feed the sales team. We’ll deliver all of that, while helping you keep the bigger picture in mind.

That’s why we start every PR program with research: so we can build a campaign that establishes your credentials, generates recognition, and grows the relationships that matter. At the same time, we agree on metrics that will let us – and you – determine how well our efforts are hitting home with your industry and delivering business value to your organization.

Depending on the plan, execution may take many forms – developing a reputation as an industry thought leader, leveraging innovative channels to engage the market, and earning recognition for being a good corporate citizen. To make this happen, we draw on a broad set of tools:

To learn more about Arketi PR in action, read about our work for Cbeyond in AdAge magazine online, and our work for FOCUS and Interland.

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Best Practices in BtoB PR

While social media has monopolized the public relations limelight lately, traditional PR activities remain integral to building trust, increasing brand awareness and generating sales leads. It’s time for a refresher course on the three "basics" – media relations, news writing, and trade show outreach.