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True subject matter experts don’t grow on trees. They are the fruit of years of experience and mastery.

Welcome to the only influencer marketing network exclusively for B2B. Our focus is on rewarding experts for what they bring to the table by creating and sharing sponsored opportunities from amazing brands and partners.

We are seeking both new and seasoned B2B influencers interested in working with businesses and organizations to help amplify their messages. 

From social media posts and blogging to webinars and in-person events, we are looking for passionate B2B influencers who are true subject matter experts, recognized in their fields. 

As a member of our B2B Influencer network, we will keep you abreast of opportunities through regular email notifications and a private LinkedIn group.

B2B Influencers work to generate content for...

  • Campaign and Product Awareness
  • Social Engagement
  • Social Activation
  • Search Marketing
  • Event Participation
  • Brand Advocacy 

We want to spread your influence too – so please feel free to share your suggestion and ideas for ways we can work together. You can connect with us at any time by tagging Mike at

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