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Smart People Saying Smart Stuff 5: Dawn Brun

Arketi’s “Smart People Saying Smart Stuff” series is going strong, and our recent session with Dawn Brun kept up the momentum as we dove into data storytelling. Round five followed previous conversations on media relations, creating content people care about, ensuring you have a proficient online marketing platform, and social media marketing for software. Dawn, director of communications for Cardlytics, […]

Has Marketing Become Too Shortsighted?

It is no surprise nor an “aha!” to know that marketing has become more accountable than it has ever been. The days of trying to get a marketing budget which is not tied to direct revenue correlation are long gone. Today’s savvy marketers must and do draw a line between direct revenue generation and their […]

Ever Wanted to be a Rocket Scientist?

Two recent emails started me thinking about how far B2B marketers still have to go as we’re all forced to rethink our core value in this chaotic and challenging environment.  The first, a SeriusDecision blog post by Megan Heuer, talks about the dangers of oversimplification and how it impacts marketing.  The second, the “Defining the […]

Do Your Sales Prospects All Look the Same?

This blog entry was highly plagiarized (with permission, of course!) from my good friend Gary Brooks, CMO for Cortera. Cortera has built the first ever B2B purchasing data database. For the first time, companies can now have critical sales intelligence about who actually purchases the product they are selling! The old way isn’t good enough… […]

Have we lost the “C” Suite by measuring the wrong things?

If the latest surveys are to be believed, B2B marketing is on the verge of a “crisis of confidence” within the C suite.  When the Fournaise Marketing Group surveyed more than 1,200 CEOs and decision makers earlier this year they came away with some really unsettling numbers.  Eighty percent of the CEOs surveyed said they […]