2020 Summer Bucket of Fun : ArtKeti!

Welcome to the 2020 ArtKeti Virtual Art Exhibit! We invite you to explore the art created by our talented team members in this virtual exhibit below. Then you can vote on the single piece of art that most moved you. Please know that the ArtKeti Artist with the most votes will win a “WAY BIG” prize (or so Mike says). Please feel free to share this virtual experience with your friends far and wide!

This display of true talent is made possible by Arketi’s annual “Summer Bucket of Fun!”

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Catherine Mootz

You’ll need to ensure volume is on when you play it!

Too Much Wine on My Hands
Mixed media

Traci Scherr

Bored? Soak/peel labels from your numerous wine bottles and make a one-of-a-kind picture frame!

The Empress' Glitch
Digital/Hand Drawn

Charles Askew

A bit of the 80s, a bit of the future. "Winding-Paths-Through-Ancient-Forest", the throne-ship of the Xinaran Empress.

Sheltered in Place, 2020
Mixed media

Jason Andrews
American, b. 1987

Temporary installation for the Andrews home. An expression of modern day values and the fragility of net worth and consumption. Sheltered in Place is intended for audience immersion and participation.

Mindful Introspection Kinetic Experience (aka M.I.K.E.), 2020
Acrylics on canvas

Mike Neumeier

This collection of three acrylics on canvas capture “the awareness of looking inward to move forward in a new day” says the artist.

Mixed media

Star VanderHaar

The Fountain

Grant Tucker

"Outside the talkative fountain; Continues night and day; Repeating my warm passion; whatever it has to say." – Charles Baudelaire

Good Intentions (Incomplete), 2020
Cross-stitch, wool and metallic thread on linen canvas.

Rory Carlton

In Good Intentions (Incomplete) the artist explores concepts of memory, regret and surprise when a creative project is started, set aside partially completed, only to be rediscovered three decades later.

Colored pencil on paper

Jacob Hamilton

Regardless of shape or color, everything is interconnected. You can always find light inside the darkness.

The Quietest Woo-Hoos are the Loudest
iPhone XS, 2020

Karsten Burgstahler

This photo represents Arketi’s value of “Our Work Reflects Us.” When we bring our individual talents to a task, the resulting teamwork speaks louder than words.

Pudding on a Happy Face
Mixed Media

Jacqueline Parker

Art with a purpose. And, vegan chocolate pudding is an Arketi thing.

Feel the Same

Adam Garner

Wondering if things will ever feel the same.

Quarantine Blues
Acrylics on canvas

Erica England

The Wind Vase
Mixed media

Lauren Bovard

The pretty wind chime I bought for my porch was way too noisy, so I repurposed it into a vase.

As you are
Oil on canvas on iPad

Taylor Stalling

We don’t see things the way they are, we see things the way we are. — Anais Nin

Mixed media

Micky Long

Illustrating what we all need to do during this crazy time…concentrate on what’s truly important

Swimming Upstream
Poetry & Illustration

Kaylee Sims

Koi Fish symbolize perseverance in adversity and strength in purpose. According to Japanese culture, Koi Fish are known for swimming upstream no matter what the conditions are – they are even said to swim up waterfalls. The symbol of the Koi is paired with a Rupi Kaur poem that emulates the challenges we all face, especially today.

B2B is the Bomb
Acrylic on canvas

Lauren Gandy

Mixed Media

David Moscati

It is important that we don't forget the promises we have all made to do better. Be your best self.

By Charles Askew – June 12, 2020


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