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Should Product and Company Name be One and the Same?

It’s a popular topic for every business owner who sells a product or service: Should product and company name be one in the same? Should they be different and distinct? After reading David Cummings’ article Products and Company Name Should be the Same, I started thinking about this debate – and I’d say David and […]

Should Products and Company Name Be One in the Same?

Arketi friend, David Cummings, recently wrote a blog post titled Products and Company Name Should be the Same. In it, he recounted how early on his company, Pardot, decided that their product needed a separate name from their company; however, over time he came to the conclusion that the product and company name should be […]

Do Not Underestimate the Value of Good Business Cards

While driving home the other night I heard a story on Marketplace that reflected a long held belief of mine. That is, despite our increasing need to digitally make business connections, we still crave tangible connections. And, while it’s true that you can reach more customers in real time electronically, the good ol’ business card […]

Stop Waiting for the “Next Big Thing”

I was intrigued by Farhad Manjoo’s first 2014 High Definition column in the Wall Street Journal.  In it, he admonishes us to “Grow Up” and stop whining about the lack of the “next big thing” in technology in favor of celebrating the advances made over the past year.  While his focus calls out smartphones and tablets, […]

How to Right Size Your Messaging Approach

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising, according to Mark Twain. Whether a company is going to market with a new service or launching a demand generation program for a legacy solution, campaign success always begins with a clear, succinct, defendable message that separates a company and its […]

Storytelling Breathes Life into Brand Messaging

Do you remember story time at the library or bedtime stories with your mom or dad? There was only one story being shared at a time to a captive audience (you and maybe a small group) that was confined to a limited space (the story rug or tucked safely in bed). While your memory of […]

Back to Basics – It’s all about value

IBM just released its latest State of Marketing 2013 study, which surveyed more than 500 marketing professionals worldwide, from 15 different industries about what’s working and not.  As always, it’s interesting reading (at least for those of us who like surveys and benchmark content).  What caught my immediate attention in the survey results is the […]

What Does Color Mean for your Brand?

Branding your company and/or product can be an intimidating venture especially in today’s visual marketplace. Your brand communicates the ‘idea’ of your business with clients and prospects, and like it or not, a company’s brand and color are inextricably linked. Color offers consumers an instantaneous method for conveying meaning and message without words. When building […]

Wake Up Your Buyers Before They Fall Sleep

In Marketing (or PR or Advertising) 101, we hear the adage of what makes for a great marketing message: you must tell a great story. Yet, as marketers, we too often fall in the trap of feature speak, making the conversation all about us and our products.  Even when we talk benefits, we often fail […]

Understanding Brand Perception

The recent Independence Day holiday gave me the opportunity to spend some time with my family and look back at our ancestors’ legacies.  What I found were awe-inspiring tales of hard working, determined individuals who endured many hardships, prevailing in the face of challenging circumstances. It got me thinking about brand reputation and what impression […]

What Munich Taught Me about Brand Promises

This spring, we gave in to our son’s desire to include Munich on our European itinerary. The reasons he wanted to go were perfectly clear to me (if not my husband).  You see, I spend a lot of time thinking about persona and brand promise. So I knew that the image of ‘engineering excellence’ and […]

Brand Loyalty Program: How’s that Workin’ for Ya?

Listen up, marketing and branding pros: Don’t assume the customer programs you’ve developed are the ones that will hit home and keep your customers brand loyal! ROI. It’s the only reason most marketing departments justify budget growth. So here we are well into Q2, and you’re either preparing a new budget (if your calendar year […]

The Forgotten ‘P’ of Packaging

Old school marketers remember well the Four P’s of Marketing: Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Of course, they still apply today, but all of the P’s have become so much more involved and complicated than they once were. As BtoB marketers, we spend a lot of time defining our product, price, promotional strategy and the […]

Messaging and Segmentation: The Benefits of Simple Messaging

BtoB Messaging is hard If you’ve spent much time in technology companies, you know high-level messaging can be tricky. You have complex, multi-dimensional products. You want to be sure your competitors aren’t saying anything about their products that you don’t say. And you must tailor your messages to multiple buyers. If you’re not careful, you […]

Trademark Tips Every Marketer Should Know

With so many products and services on the market today, it’s easy for the public to confuse your product or service with a competitor’s. That’s why it is critical that marketers trademark any word, name or symbol (or service mark a service) used in commerce that identifies and distinguishes it from others. Trademark rights entitle […]