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40 B2B Tech Influencers to Know

Business-to-Business marketers pioneered Influencer Marketing long before Kim Kardashian was known by anyone outside the Thirty Mile Zone. Leveraging third-party experts in marketing programs has been a mainstay for smart enterprise marketers for some time now. However, only 15 percent of B2B marketers say Influencer Marketing is on their current marketing roadmap. In an effort [...]

What Big Brands Have Taught Us About Content Marketing

How To Create Content Like The Pros In an age when companies are expected to use their social platforms to showcase a unique personality, some companies are turning to full-fledged content production teams to enhance their presence and engage with their audience. We’ll show you some content marketing strategy examples from 4 big brands to […]

7 Tips for Marketing B2B Technology to Millennials

We recently saw a great article by Mary Shea, PhD of Forrester where she released some interesting research on Millennials in the B2B buying cycle. It dovetailed nicely with our own study, Not Your Father’s Buying Decision: How 3 Generations of B2B Technology Buyers Decide What to Purchase, released not too long ago. Working off our […]

Content Marketing Reality Check: 5 Ways to Improve

B2B marketers have gotten the message that content is currency in the ongoing quest for qualified leads. With 63% of marketers extremely or very committed to content marketing, according to a new DemandGen Report survey, content has certainly become a prime weapon in the B2B marketers arsenal. Why then, have so many experts, pundits and […]

Why Outlines Make Me (and you) a Better Writer [Tips]

Believe it or not: Outlines improve writing For the past few weeks, Arketi has been all about the importance of outline development. It may seem elementary, but I know that I often jump straight into writing without taking enough time to look at the bigger picture of the work, whether it’s a blog post, press […]

What Content Do Business Executives Look For?

Developing content for business executives In the world of content marketing, content reigns king. However, a recent survey from The Economist and marketing research firm Peppercomm reveals that there is a massive disconnect between the content that business executives seek and the content that marketers provide. No one likes a blatant sales pitch–especially business executives. So […]

Are You Utilizing Expert Content?

A new study by Nielsen titled The Role of the Consumer in the Decision Making Process confirms what the Public Relations profession has known for years, “content written by credible experts performed best overall” in strongly influencing purchase. “Expert content was the only content type to exhibit a strong lift in all 3 areas of […]

How to Build Credibility Via Third Party Content

The Center for Media Research released a Research Brief reporting on a new survey that found “consumers rely on credible, third party content more than branded content or user reviews when making decisions.” On behalf of the entire public relations industry let me be the first to say, “WE TOLD YOU SO!” After all, this […]

B2B Technology Companies Still Read White Papers

According to TechTarget, close to one-third (31 percent) of white paper readers consider the papers they read to be valuable in making a purchase decision. If it’s been a while since you’ve written (or read) a white paper, you may find this surprising. But white papers are NOT dead. By definition, a white paper is […]

5 Things to Avoid for a Successful B2B eBook

Blogs, infographics and now eBooks. While these may seem like internet trends, I think they’re all are here to stay. Why? Because in this digital age, information must be presented in a quick and digestible format. Blogs are written in a relaxed tone with colloquial language and often include visual elements that draw in the […]

Make Your Webinar Awesome: 3 Ways to Drive Registration

How do you make your webinars stand out when everyone is doing them? If this question leaves you scratching your head, then you’re not alone. Many B2B marketers are struggling to reach optimal webinar registration numbers. With some best practices from BtoB’s “Annual Webinar Benchmarks Report,” you can make your webinar a must attend. 1. […]

5 Easy Content Development Strategies to Win Prospects

Hey, I couldn’t help but notice you from across the bar. I think you’re beautiful. Will you marry me? More likely than not, this is not how you would approach building a relationship with a potential “significant other,” as you’ll likely receive crazy eyes, have the other person walk away, or get slapped. Unless you’re […]

4 Quick Tips to Create Awesome Digital Collateral [List]

Traditionally, marketers have used printed collateral to communicate key messages and build a consistent brand image among customers and prospects. Now that email and the web are our primary means of information exchange, there are new considerations for what we used to call “collateral.” The printed collateral piece, truthfully, is not often printed – or […]

How To Fix 3 Obvious Mistakes in Business Writing

Content is still king. According to Arketi Group’s survey of high-tech marketing executives, The Outlook for Business-to-Business Technology Marketing in 2010, content has become the marketing fuel for companies seeking to gain market share and accelerate growth. In the year ahead, companies will focus more on lead nurturing – and captivating, well-written content is vital […]

Content Creation vs Curation. What’s Most Effective?

As any good marketer knows, content is at the heart of every successful inbound marketing campaign. But it can’t just be any content – it has to be specialized to meet the needs of a specific audience. To prove the point that “content is king,” 90% of B2B organizations are now marketing with content, and, believe […]