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From Buyers to Believers

We’ve all read articles on marketing and client service comparing the cost of keeping an existing customer to the cost of acquiring a new one. Across almost every industry, new customers cost more than old ones – so customer satisfaction, as a means to retention, is “job one” for most businesses. In recent years, the […]

Are You Marketing or Selling to Your Leads?

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a MIT Enterprise Forum of Atlanta event that featured a panel of experts discussing how automation is driving sales, growth and strategy. While the evening featured a bevy of great information, what really got my attention was a comment made by Salesfusion’s CEO, Carol O’Kelley. According to Carol, […]

3 Questions to Ask When Your Sales Leads Don’t Convert

All marketers have experienced the trials and tribulations of leads that seemingly will not budge over the goal line and convert. Rather than throw in the towel on those challenging leads, let’s evaluate your nurture process and take a look at your approach with fresh eyes. Ask yourself the following three questions to get a […]

5 Things That Ruin Your Lead Nurture Campaigns & Management Plans

With significant market penetration and SiriusDecisions predicting a 50% growth in Marketing Automation adoption by next year, there’s little doubt automated lead management is headed for the tipping point.  And rightly so if you also buy Forrester’s assessment that companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% less cost. For […]

B2B Purchase Behavior: 3 Tips to Improve Sales Performance

This guest blog post is from an Arketi friend and client, Gary Brooks at Cortera. Cortera has built the first ever B2B purchasing data database that provides companies with critical sales intelligence about what customers and prospects are buying. One of the greatest challenges faced by B2B sales professionals is prospecting, cold calling, door knocking or […]

A few lead nurture New Year’s resolutions

Now that we’ve all recovered from the tryptophan daze and before things formally shut down for the end of year holiday, now might be a good time to make (and maybe actually start on) a few New Year’s resolutions related to optimizing lead nurturing efforts.  Here, in no particular order – since all are critical […]

How Effective is B2B Lead Generation? [Infographic]

BuyerZone surveyed about 200 B2B marketers and asked them a number of smart questions about lead sources, technology and more. Then they released a killer infographic (see below) that the busy BtoB marketer can easily digest. There is also a longer 20 page report (that does read very quickly) for those who like more thud. There […]

Achieve A Personal Edge Segment With Buyer Personas [How To]

B2B marketers know that strong marketing starts with understanding your target market very well. As such, we take great steps towards understanding our target markets. We perform market research to dissect our target market into different groups of companies that share similarities or buy alike (the fancy name for this is segmentation). We slice our […]

Not All Drips are Created Equal

A recent discussion of Arketians (that’s what we call folks that work at Arketi Group) brought up the discussion regarding what is a drip campaign versus a lead nurturing campaign. Turns out, our clients often use these terms interchangeably… it got me thinking, “Are they really the same thing?” Here’s what Wikipedia says about Drip […]

Key Factors in Business to Business Technology Sales

While BtoB buyers say price is what they care most about, do they really mean it? According to the recent study by McKinsey & Company, “The basics of business-to-business sales success,” the findings show that tech buyers’ behavior is driven more by a great sales experience than by price. Customers said price is the most […]