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David Cummings Talks Marketing Technology with Arketi’s Mike Neumeier

When David Cummings moved to Atlanta in 2002, there was virtually no startup environment in the city. Since that time, David has been a leader in changing our city’s startup landscape, selling his marketing automation firm, Pardot, in 2012 and founding Atlanta Tech Village. Today this dynamic co-working space is home to nearly 300 startups, […]

5 Must-Have Technologies for Marketers

Update on the marketing technology landscape In preparing for next week’s Geek Out on Marketing Technology event here in Atlanta, I started thinking more about how crazy the martech landscape has grown over the past few years.  Five years ago we all shook our heads when Scott Brinker published his first marketing technology landscape visual.  […]

Marketing Meet Technology, Technology Meet Marketing…

Is 2014 the year during which we will see the predicted and monstrous upswing in technology spending by marketers? If the extreme buzz about the rush of investment dollars into Marketing Automation is an accurate precursor then you bet it is. Just this week two interesting pieces of content found their way across my iPad. […]

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by technology?

I wanted to pass along an interesting (and some might find intimidating) graphic related to the Marketing technology landscape.  Scott Brinker, who runs the very popular Chief Marketing  Technologist blog, recently published version 3.0 of his Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic.  Check it out here: http://chiefmartec.com/  Wow! It shows that the Marketing technology solution market has […]

Infographic: The 2013 Marketing Mix

With more than 50 marketing and PR executives, the sixth annual Technology CMO Roundtable revealed best practices, learnings, questions and – most importantly – actionable insights. Attendees completed a survey about their marketing plans for 2013, and were asked, “In 2013, do you expect to do more, less, or about the same of the following?” […]

Proving Once and For All Marketers Still Need a Brain

A recent article from BtoB Magazine on Marketing Automation sparked a somewhat interesting debate among members of the Marketing Automation Association LinkedIn Group, and I thought it worth revisiting. The article’s main point was to imply, somewhat strongly, that the marketing automation and business intelligence tools available to today’s B2B marketers have essentially changed marketing […]

There is an App for That: Top 10 Apps for B2B Tech Marketers

After reading an entertaining article in Lexus magazine on the top mobile apps for Lexus owners, it got me thinking, “What are the top apps for BtoB technology marketers?” I posed this question to the Arketi team, and here is our list of recommended apps for BtoB tech marketers: 1. AP Mobile: Receive breaking international, […]