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How Much Money Should You Spend for a Good PR Firm?

What’s Good PR Worth? How much a company should spend on a PR firm is a matter of great debate. Unfortunately there’s no official rule of thumb, but there are many things you can take into account before bringing on a PR firm to manage your media relations efforts Factors to consider include Company revenue […]

Meet the Media: Kiki Roeder

We recently hosted Kiki Roeder, current editor-in-chief of Hypepotamus, for a Meet the Media lunch and learn at Arketi. Kiki stopped by to share some Pad Thai with us and discuss her passion for Atlanta’s technology community. She was also kind enough to pass along tips for budding technology startups looking to score coveted coverage on […]

Smart People Saying Smart Stuff Part 2: Justin Grimsley

In part one of our Smart People Saying Smart Stuff series, we met with Jen Martin to discuss some key components of effective media relations. Now, we’re turning our attention to creating engaging content. For this, we brought in our buddy Justin Grimsley, manager of corporate communications for Airwatch, a VMware company. Justin discussed a [...]

Smart People Saying Smart Stuff Part 1: Jen Martin

Smart People Saying Smart Stuff Having smart and talented friends is one of life’s richest rewards. Fortunately, here at Arketi we have quite a few friends who fit both criteria. So to sharpen our PR and marketing game, we’ve invited several of these folks to stop in and share some insight with us in a [...]

The Promise of Pretend Press Releases

Once upon a time, Amazon’s Fire Phone was simply a “big idea” conceptualized in a press release crafted by an Amazon employee. Although most in the tech community feel the concept should have never left the paper, the strategy of mocking up a press release to fine-tune messaging around a new, or pie in the […]

Don’t Talk About It, Be About It – Lessons from the NFL

Growing up, many of us often heard the old adage “actions speak louder than words.” And, as much as public relations professionals strive to build images and change behaviors with our strategies, perfectly planned events and clever copy, sometimes the best p.r. is action. Case in point is the Baltimore Raven’s recent decision to cut […]

Three Media Relations Habits to Stop Today

When it comes to media relations, do you feel like you’re doing all the right things but yet no one is biting? Chances are you can improve you strategy by breaking three simple media relations bad habits. Bad habit #1: email blasts. For more, watch the video below as Arketi’s Joy Reddy fills you in […]

New Rules for Modern News Releases

People have gone back and forth on the topic, but it’s safe to say the news release isn’t dead. It’s evolving. And as with any type of evolution, key players and rules change. Let’s look first at the players. Not just for journalists. News and press releases were traditionally written and distributed only to the […]

Media Panel Answers Questions on Social Media Pitches

An energetic group delivered power punches during the 2013 PRSA Annual Media Panel session hitting hard on social media as a tool to reach the media. But don’t toss traditional channels such as phone calls and email out the window. Some reporters still return voice messages and like to receive more details after an initial […]

Media Relations: Think Unorthodox and Get Creative

There’s been a lot written and discussed about ways PR pros can be successful at media relations – and I’m just going to add to it. Personally, I think there is so much information about the topic out there for two reasons:   There is not a single winning recipe that works 100% of the […]

Rewarding and Awarding PR and Marketing Tips, Part Two

In our previous post, we shared three learnings from our recent wins at the 2012 PRSA|GA Phoenix Awards Ceremony. The following are the final four findings that may be of interest to BtoB marketers: Blogs for Arketi’s work with Intradiem to create, launch and maintain the Productivity Plus blog, located at blog.intradiem.com. What we learned: Blog about it and they will come. Blog posts get […]

10 Tips for PR Pros Seeking GigaOM Placements

Recently, Arketi hosted a Lunch & Learn session with a small group of PR and marketing executives from Atlanta-based technology companies. Our guest speakers were from GigaOM — one of the most credible and insightful voices at the intersection of business and technology. During the invitation-only luncheon, we heard from Allison Parker, director of corporate […]

Media Coverage: The End All Be All

PR professionals know that their clients measure their success by the number and quality of media relations hits received. This is just how it is and always be. Media coverage is truly the “end all be all.” I know I am always looking for ways to improve my chances of getting clients included in stories. […]

Getting Ink

Public relations may be a process, but clients too often only want to see results. The challenge for PR professionals is to quickly deliver headlines while building a foundation that allows us to provide long-term value that can only come from truly knowing our clients’ business – and not just their industry. It takes time […]

4 Quick PR Tips for Powerful Quotes That Get Noticed

Listen to the podcast or read our post!   News release quotes are often the most underutilized communications tool at a PR pro’s disposal. Wire services are flooded with quotes from executives saying how excited, grateful, honored and thrilled they are about a new partner, employee, award or product release. Let’s get real: who talks like this? Certainly no executives we […]

8 Steps to Create an Online PR Crisis Plan

Although fire drills may seem more distracting and counterproductive than helpful,  organizations may need to apply the concept of fire drills to their social media and online plans. You may not ever need to implement the fire drill procedure, but it’s better to have an online crisis communication plan in place. Through social media, a […]

How to Make Pitching Less Stressful: 11 PR Tips for Success

After what feels like hours of pacing back and forth, you finally muster up the strength to pull out that number and make the call. Thousands of thoughts are racing in your mind – what do I say if she picks up? What do I say if she doesn’t? Do I leave a message with […]

Shed Pounds in Your Writing: 4 Fast Diet Tips for PR Writing

Are you looking for the most innovative, ground-breaking tips that will be key to revolutionizing your writing in today’s fast paced environment right now? At first glance, a line like that seems ridiculous and unbelievable. So why do we, as PR professionals, continue to try to sell both journalists and audiences with the same clichés […]

The Importance of Leveraging Analyst Relations

Developing brand awareness within the defined target media is a given for savvy organizations today. But what about applying that same effort within the analyst community? This oft-overlooked segment of influencers could hold the power to make or break your next deal.  According to the Knowledge Capital Group, cultivating analyst relationships provides the following three […]

7 Tips for Media Opportunities at Tradeshows [Video]

Most companies consider tradeshows a great opportunity to meet potential prospects and reconnect with current customers. While this is true, tradeshows also draw another audience that you shouldn’t overlook—key media outlets and bloggers. Follow these tips to schedule face-to-face media appointments at your next show: Make a plan. If your company is exhibiting, most tradeshows […]