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Evolving media expert shares how to optimize headlines for search

Smart People Saying Smart Stuff Part 7: Serena Ehrlich Over the past year, we’ve discussed the imminent collision of Search and PR. A year later, we’re experiencing the effects of that merger and were eager to learn about best practices on how to optimize headlines for search. So we turned to one of the best evolving media […]

23 Experts Reveal Top B2B SEO Strategies for Success [List]

23 Experts Reveal Top B2B SEO Strategies for Success As more B2B marketers embrace the power of search marketing, the need for effective optimization strategies is more critical than ever. While SEO presents a big opportunity to generate high quality leads, many B2B marketers are in the dark on how to leverage innovative search marketing [...]

SES Atlanta Re-cap

Last week, a few of us at Arketi had the opportunity to attend SES Atlanta, an industry-leading search marketing conference held in various cities across the world. The focus of the conference was education about search marketing best practices and trends, but also served as an outlet for attendees to network and share knowledge and […]

What is Considered a Good Domain Authority?

Our SEO team is often asked by clients, “What is a good Domain Authority?” and “What should our Domain Authority be?” These questions are tricky to answer as a website’s Domain Authority, often written as DA, is the combination of many factors. With many misconceptions and opinions floating around about what a good Domain Authority […]

Searching For Leads Online – Search Optimization

Online search lets scrappy startups be found by new customers as easily as established providers. Which sounds great – unless you’re the established provider. That was the challenge facing Ian Oxman, vice president of marketing for Aderant. It’s his job to ensure Aderant – the world’s largest independent provider of legal software – remains the […]

Your New Secret Weapon in SEO… Is PR

Listen to our podcast or read the post!   Google is understandably secretive about the algorithm it uses to decide how to rank web pages in its search results. But a recent patent filing may offer some clues – and some encouraging news for PR professionals. In US Patent application 8,682,892, Google seems to indicate […]

SEO 101: The Need to Know of Better B2B SEO [List]

Amy Leefe, our very own search guru, spills the beans on the two things you need to know when it comes to B2B SEO, and highlights the three types of keywords you need to utilize to get your SEO campaign going. Watch her video below for more! How do I get my company to rank […]

Boost Your Rankings: An Easy 3-Step Search Marketing Road Map

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are distinct activities that are often viewed as opposites. We think of them as complementary with one before the other. Search marketing is best considered in phases, with an overall goal in mind — like a road trip with multiple stops on the route to the destination. […]

Avoid Getting Penalized for Mobile Site Errors

Google recently announced that it is going to implement ranking changes for sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users in the near future. That’s a strong incentive to get your site working correctly for mobile devices. What’s more, it shows the growing importance of mobile search. As more people acquire smartphones, Google – which strives […]

Rules of Engagement: SEO Content

Create engaging content, and the users and search engines will come. Sounds simple, right? Well, it actually might be. If you can develop a piece of content that your audience finds useful enough to want to share with friends and colleagues, then you are on the right path. The key thing to remember is that […]

How can you use Google+ to boost your rank in search results?

I joined the Google+ community last summer, and although I thought Google+ was a great, new social media powerhouse backed by Google, one question lingered in the back of my mind: “How can Google+ be used for business?” I think I’ve found my answer. For those of you not familiar with Google+, let me bring […]