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How Much Money Should You Spend for a Good PR Firm?

What’s Good PR Worth? How much a company should spend on a PR firm is a matter of great debate. Unfortunately there’s no official rule of thumb, but there are many things you can take into account before bringing on a PR firm to manage your media relations efforts Factors to consider include Company revenue […]

Brooks Robinson of Springbot Shares Entrepreneurial Tips

Entrepreneurship, Culture and Marketing Brooks Robinson is no stranger to Arketi Group, starting new ventures or to small businesses. Robinson, the co-founder and CEO of Springbot, is a long-time friend and client (twice now) who is sharing spot on advice to other entrepreneurs. Recently named one of Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 2016 Best Places to Work, Robinson […]

How Open is Your Organization?

If I were to ask you, “how open is your organization?” odds are, you would immediately think of your office layout, right? Cubes versus offices? Sure, that’s one way to go. But what if “open” is how you describe your office culture? At a recent Technology Executives Roundtable event, I was lucky enough to hear [...]

There’s no such thing as bad publicity

Recently a good friend of the agency, entrepreneur David Cummings, published a blog post on P.T. Barnum’s 20 Rules for Making Money that got me thinking. Every PR person knows P.T. Barnum, the founder of Barnum & Bailey Circus and a proven American showman and businessman, is widely credited with the expression, “There's no such [...]

Marketing to Millennials

I recently came across the following chart on consumer purchasing preferences, courtesy of MarketingSherpa, and was struck by the stark contrast in behavior between millennials (typically age 15-35) and boomers (typically age 51-69). Yes, I know the way of the world is changing, especially when it comes to social media usage and online advertising. But [...]

Print is not dead….

Do you prefer to read print or digital magazines? Another great article by Jack Loechner, editor of The Center for Media Research's daily Research Brief. In this one, he sheds some light on a new study that finds print magazine outnumber digital magazine reads 2 to 1. While looking at consumer reading habits, B2B marketers should [...]

Putting the “Y” back in Marketing – Marketing Questions to Ask

The Arketi team has started asking “why?” more. It’s not that we’ve regressed back to our toddler days. Rather, we believe this simple question has the power to make us, and our clients, better marketers. As any 4-year-old will tell you, the power of “why?” lies in its implicit questioning of the status quo. Just […]

Rise of the Chief Marketing Tech (and Sales) Officer

I recently heard Bill Nussey, president and CEO of Silverpop, speak to a group of marketers where he advocated the need for organizations to create a chief marketing tech officer role. The notion is interesting and something I’ve seen discussed across several marketing blogs. I’d like to take that thought a step further and propose […]

Young pros must STOP

Since being a college sophomore, networking and seeking out advice from PR pros has come naturally to me. Today as a young professional, reaching out for suggestions and assistance from more seasoned industry leaders and resources is still something I’m comfortable with. As a desire to learn more about and grow within the PR industry, […]

Valuable Business Tip: Stop Selling, Start Listening [Blog]

Today, it’s no secret that we’re living in a buyer’s market. Therefore, its officially time to redirect as we stop simply selling, but instead listen to what the buyer wants. In our latest video, Arketi principal Mike Neumeier shares more about why understanding what makes your buyers tick is essential. Marketing and Sales, no matter […]

Big Data: Big Opportunity or Big Headache?

  Marketers have long dreamed of having accurate information about customers and prospects. Be careful what you wish for! With today’s social media, CRM, ERP and new tools for data collection, what was once a hard-to-find trickle of customer data has become a torrent. So has the dream become a nightmare? A new survey from Columbia Business […]

The Importance of Partnerships: Business RadioX Interview

Mike Neumeier, principal at Arketi Group, and James Franklin, CEO at TechBridge, spoke with Business RadioX earlier this month about TechBridge’s recent website and messaging rebranding. Continuing the discussion on partnerships, Mike and James shared a little background on the Arketi/TechBridge partnership and the importance of community connections. TechBridge needed some help with their messaging and […]

CMO, meet the CIO. CIO, CMO.

It’s high time the CMO and CIO shared ownership of the technology that’s flooding the marketing department – and the business outcomes this technology can deliver. The two teams need to partner in a genuine effort to understand what is possible and how the technology can help achieve their business goals. Which is why one of […]

For Tech Marketers, Video is Tops; Advertising, a Nonstarter

In March 2013, Arketi released the findings from its sixth annual Technology CMO Roundtable in The Outlook for Business-to-Business Technology Marketing in 2013.  The white paper combined opinions and insight from more than 50 high-tech PR and marketing executives who participated in the Roundtable, held in the fall of 2012. The Roundtable consisted of executives […]

Arketi Iron Chef Competition

For our 2012 team outing, the Atlanta office packed up early one Friday afternoon for Arketi’s Iron Chef competition at The Cook’s Warehouse. Each team received the same pre-set menu but was encouraged to use the recipes as guidelines and be as creative as possible. The judges selected the winning team based on the final […]

How Does Your Audience Spend Their Time Online?

When people aren’t hard at work or spending time with their families, what exactly are they doing? According to a recent infographic from GO-Gulf.com, 30 percent of the world’s population is spending their spare time online. Thirty percent of the world’s population doesn’t seem like a huge number…but it is. Thirty percent actually represents 2,095,006,005 […]

Spring Community Service Project

Last week, Arketi participated in High Tech Ministries’ Serve@Work “Building a Better Beginning” project. The Arketi team helped with an “extreme home makeover” for Sheltering Grace, a shelter that provides a Christian home, life training, and resources to homeless expectant mothers and infants. Arketians assisted by: Sanding, priming and painting the kitchen cabinets Replacing the […]

Videos Drive Action From BtoB Executive Buyers, Really!

Another great article from emarketer.com! Videos are going to be the “it” BtoB marketing tactic during 2011. If you are a BtoB marketing or PR pro that is NOT using videos in your mix write down today’s date because by the end of this year you will be – and you will want to know […]

Email drip campaign or water-boarding?

We often are asked by clients, how often is “too often” when it comes to e-mailing prospects and clients. Can I e-mail them once a week? Twice a month? Just once a month? One client just relayed a story regarding one of their sales reps who wanted to run his own campaigns… seems that the […]

It’s a Numbers Game. What’s yours?

Clients often ask us numerous metric-related questions regarding the lead-to-sales pipeline. They sound like this: What percentage of leads will become qualified? How many leads do I need to generate to get an opportunity into the pipeline? What should my close rate be? What should my cost per lead be? All of these are great […]

5 Tips for a Successful Technology Analyst Briefing

As a former research director of the Strategic Service Management Practice at the Aberdeen Group I wanted to share with our blog followers some insight for companies interested in building a successful industry analyst relations program. It’s interesting that that so many place such a high value on influencing this group of influencers but get […]

The Agonizing Struggle: Marketing vs Sales, How To Get Along

    If you’ve worked in a number of marketing organizations, you have probably experienced some that had a great relationship with the sales force, and some that didn’t. What is the difference? Why can’t Sales and Marketing just get along? We would argue it is Marketing’s job to understand what makes Sales (and sales […]

The Importance of Repositioning

Arketi Group’s Mike Neumeier recently interviewed Ajay Murthy, vice president of global marketing at Convergys Corporation, about his company’s recent repositioning. Cincinnati-based Convergys Corporation (NYSE: CVG) provides solutions that help companies drive greater value from the interactions they have with their customers and employees. With 75,000 employees and 85 contact centers in the United States, […]

Taking Thought Leadership by the Horns

Business-to-business technology companies often face two combined hurdles: how to generate content for marketing and sales and how to increase leads for the sales team. In order to keep prospective customers energized and interested in your products or services, marketing teams must have relevant and compelling content to deliver as part of their marketing strategy. […]