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[List] Exciting web design trends to look for in 2017

The Web is a curious beast. How the Web looks and functions is perpetually dictated by how audiences consume content. It’s no secret that more online content is being consumed on phones and tablets. And the need to have content and functionality for any size screen has had a profound affect on web design. B2B […]

12 Experts Reveal Six Criteria to Choosing a CMS

All companies use some type of content management system (CMS) whether they realize it or not. In fact, it’s often an integral tool across teams. It may go by the name of Wordpress, MODX, Drupal or Joomla, but the goal behind these CMS platforms is to help make managing content easier. Then why is it [...]

Smart People Saying Smart Stuff Part 3: Jason Cooper

So far, our Smart People Saying Smart Stuff series has shown us the components to effective media relations and creating content people care about. For part three, we discussed a topic that many of us struggle with: creating a proficient online marketing platform. For many marketing teams out there, a nimble platform is something we all […]

Why Your Website Design Sucks: Where’s The Flow?

Design your website with a purpose Every website has a purpose. That purpose can be to sell products like Amazon, or the purpose can be to inform like Wikipedia. In the case of B2B marketers, that purpose is typically to generate leads. So if every site has a purpose, then every page on that site should support […]

MODX : Using getCollection or “Getting stuff fast, really fast.”

getCollection in MODX The more I learn about MODX and coding in general, the clearer it becomes that there are so many ways of doing the same thing. As the Vorlons from Babylon 5 say, "Truth is a three edged sword. Your side, my side and the truth." I think with doing any sort of coding [...]

Give Your B2B Buyers What They Want on Your Website

  Marketers have long dreamed of having accurate information about customers and prospects. Be careful what you wish for! With today’s social media, CRM, ERP and new tools for data collection, what was once a hard-to-find trickle of customer data has become a torrent. So has the dream become a nightmare? A new survey from Columbia Business […]

Infographic: Contact Forms

Contact forms are all about a little give and take. A prospect gives a little information (all accurate of course) about his/herself in exchange for a piece of content, to show interest in starting a dialog, or simply to ask a question. If contact forms weren’t helpful, they wouldn’t exist on practically every organizational website […]

A MODX Sidebar That Makes Clients & Coders Happy [How To]

Calls to action. Pretty much every B2B site has them. After all, you want people to DO something. So how do you make this intuitive for your average client editor that does not understand HTML, yet still gives your web developers full freedom to create and edit code? (Hint: MODX lets you do this with […]

A Practical Guide To A MODX Favorite: MIGX [How To]

MIGX in MODX It's no secret that Arketi loves MODX; a content management system (CMS) that gives you a clean slate to build a site your way and create some pretty slick designs.  There is no predefined structure that you have to build your sites within and no tweaking of your design to fit another developer’s vision [...]

10 Must-Haves for a Buyer-Centric B2B Website

Your company’s website is its face to the world – the whole world – not just customers and prospects, but also journalists, partners, employees, investors, friends and family. It’s the first place anyone, and most everyone, goes to understand who you are and what you do. Arketi clients often ask us what features and functionality […]