CMO, meet the CIO. CIO, CMO.

It’s high time the CMO and CIO shared ownership of the technology that’s flooding the marketing department – and the business outcomes this technology can deliver.

The two teams need to partner in a genuine effort to understand what is possible and how the technology can help achieve their business goals. Which is why one of my colleagues, Mike Neumeier, recently wrote an article in PRWeek on addressing the CIO-CMO relationship challenge. Check out the brief snippet below.

From Big Data and social media monitoring to marketing automation and analytics, to be really valuable, these new systems must tie into other silos of corporate data, such as purchase history, product usage data, and customer care interactions. Making this happen is clearly beyond even the most tech-savvy marketer’s abilities.

The fact that IT and marketing – the analytical and the creative – have traditionally been on opposite ends of the enterprise spectrum thus tempers the excitement that come with advanced marketing technology. Can this “odd couple” pull it off? A report from the CMO Council gives hope: it found 80% of marketers and 88% of IT experts say working together is critical to ensure customer centricity. (There is it again – the need to be 100% buyer-focused).

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Marketers and IT work together for customer centricity

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By Joy Reddy – July 25, 2013

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