Eight Questions With: Angela Culver

The data-driven CMO at Mobile Labs tells us about marketing by the numbers, the joy of being at home, and the power of lemon water

If you could teach a college class, what would it be called? And what would it cover? I’d call it “Meet me at the intersection of Art and Science: How to Monetize Marketing” and it would cover how to create predicable results in all areas of marketing that can be linked back to the company’s financial goals.

What can’t you live without? Lemon Water. It is the first thing I have every day when I wake up.

What is the best business advice you’ve ever received? Know your self-worth. A boss early in my career taught me this valuable lesson and it helped cultivate my career path.

What is your favorite place in the world to visit? I have spent a career being on the road over 90% of the time and have been very privileged to see the world a couple times over. As a result, my favorite place to visit is home.

What is the smartest marketing, communications or PR thing you’ve ever done? Learn that using math and science to manage marketing decisions is almost always fail-proof. Driving creative activities with numbers can feel like playing the lottery knowing the winning numbers before the drawing occurs.

Whom would most like to eat lunch with? Oprah Winfrey. I would take her to Mary Macs Tea Room. She’d love it.

What is your favorite quote? It’s Wayne Gretsky’s “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

If you weren’t in this profession, what would you be? A professional ice skater.


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By Emeka Okeke – March 19, 2019

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