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[List] The 5 best email marketing campaigns that are actually read

Is your email marketing campaign just not generating the results you expected? Maybe you can’t get enough opens, or maybe they just aren’t converting leads into sales? Email continues to be a major form of marketing communications to prospects and customers. The fast and simple messaging approach this medium brings to our marketing mix ensures […]

The AI-powered email? It’s closer than you think

If there has been one clearly emerging trend in 2016, it has been the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) driving business technologies. With AI-powered solutions solving problems in areas including search, service management, lead generation and data trends, AI is posed to continue to change the way we do business, and marketing is no exception. […]

The Secrets to Email Marketing [Infographic]

For many marketers, email marketing has become equivalent to the hammer in the carpenter’s tool belt. It’s a staple; something that we have come to rely on as a day-to-day necessity. However, this hasn’t always been the case. Long before email’s time in the spotlight, B2B and B2C marketers relied on two primary methods for direct marketing outreach: […]

Your Email Signature: “Sent From iPad” – NOT!

Mobile devices are everywhere. How many of us remain glued to our respective screens – phone, tablet or laptop – regardless of where we are? As I went into the elevator yesterday leaving the office, I noticed three of four of us were glued to our small screens, rather than talking to each other. Sadly, […]

Effectiveness of Email Newsletters Depends on Who You Are Talking To

We’ve recently started working with one of our clients for their upcoming email newsletter. Some skeptics may ask, “Are email newsletters the right channel for BtoB marketers to reach their customers?” I started digging and finally stumbled across Econsultancy’s recent survey and was greeted with a resounding YES. Who to market to? As a B2B […]

Making Email Newsletters Work Better

Like a stick of butter in a Paula Deen recipe, the email newsletter has become the mainstay of every B2B marketer’s arsenal, the “of course” ingredient in the marketing mix. But as the novelty of getting a newsletter in one’s inbox has worn off, and their numbers have multiplied, so too have open rates and […]