Technology in Georgia Leads the Way

A few Arketians attended the PRSA Tech SIG event last week where TAG President Tino Mantella shared insights into the state of Georgia’s technology industry. Below are a few takeaways that we hope you can take pride in and share among the tech community!

AG president, shares insights on Georgia technology industry

Tino Mantella, TAG president, shares insights into the state of Georgia’s technology industry at the PRSA Tech SIG event.


  • Georgia’s technology companies continue to generate more jobs at a higher rate than the national average
  • Georgia leads the nation in six main areas: health IT, financial technology, marketing automation, logistics, mission critical (data centers) and entertainment marketing
  • Augusta is currently one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the nation
  • Fun fact: 70 – 80 percent of payment processes in the US flow through GA (making the fin tech sector HUGE)
  • STEM occupations are predicted to increase in Georgia by more than 22,000 during the current decade

For more tech insights, check out the complete 2014 State of the Industry Technology in Georgia Report at

By Callie Walker – August 26, 2014

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