Meet the Media: Kiki Roeder

We recently hosted Kiki Roeder, current editor-in-chief of Hypepotamus, for a Meet the Media lunch and learn at Arketi. Kiki stopped by to share some Pad Thai with us and discuss her passion for Atlanta’s technology community. She was also kind enough to pass along tips for budding technology startups looking to score coveted coverage on her popular news site. 

What do we need to know about Hypepotamus?

Hypepotamus is a media startup founded in 2011 by Kevin Wallace, Heath Hyneman and Ashish Mistry. These Atlanta-based entrepreneurs launched the company to provide a space where entrepreneurs and startups could intersect, allowing them to work and grow together. As the company evolved, it took on an editorial focus.

The team aims to “generate awareness about Atlanta’s innovative tech & creative community to retain local talent by connecting them with opportunities,” and they do this by providing news, covering events, and posting job listings and resources for the Atlanta tech community.

Hypepotamus has drawn attention from some pretty huge players – in fact, Forbes, Entrepreneur and VentureBeat subscribe to the newsletter. 

What topic is Kiki and the Hypepotamus team especially interested in right now?

The Hypepotamus team see augmented and virtual reality as big trends, which could potentially impact the future of marketing and other aspects of consumer technologies. Personally, she is passionate about showcasing women and diversity in entrepreneurialism and technology.

Many of the startups Kiki works with may not have a dedicated PR person yet. What tips does she give for folks new to pitching?

Include the following:

  • A two-sentence pitch giving an overview of your company and the news you want to share
  • About five bullet points on why she should care about the topic
  • A link to your company’s site

And always try to focus the pitch on people. Even if you don’t have any hard-hitting news to pitch, providing a personal angle will make the idea much more attractive.

How does Kiki consume news?

Kiki receives three to four hundred emails on any given day (YIKES!), including from major news outlets that she monitors for inspiration and information happening in the tech and business worlds. She’s passionate about social media, and supplements news she finds through Twitter through apps such as Pocket. 

What’s next for Hypepotamus?

The team is interested in expanding their voice outside of Atlanta. They have recently aligned with The Bitter Southerner and Dig South, two major southern publications, to amplify news about entrepreneurship happening in Atlanta across the region and beyond. And as for Kiki, after a year as editor-in-chief for Hypepotamus, she will assume a partnership role with Hypepotamus and try her hand at startup life with Sifted. You can follow her on Twitter at @kiki__noodle.

To stay connected with Hypepotamus, check them out on social:

Twitter: @hypepotamus
Facebook: Hypepotamus
Instagram: Hypepotamus

Thanks for checking out our first post in our Meet the Media series. Check back for our next Meet the Media guest who is a tech veteran in the Atlanta community.

By Erin Sikorski – October 21, 2016

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