A Delicious 5 Ingredient Mojito to Beat The Heat [Recipe]

Mixology Monday, where Arketians enjoy a delicious cocktail on a Monday. Or maybe we have a cocktail because it’s Monday. Do we really need an excuse to enjoy a cocktail?

It’s my first time hosting barketi’s Mixology Monday and heard through the grape vines a client may drop by, so the pressure was on.

mojito recipe

Why did I pick mojitos you’re probably wondering?

Asides from the obvious alliterative qualities of Mojito Monday, I picked mojitos because it’s been a nasty summer here in Georgia and there are few other drinks out there that can top the rejuvenating qualities of a mojito on a sweltering hot day.

Mojitos > Gatorade, although I can’t seem to get major league sports onboard with me.

I also didn’t think anyone would appreciate me channeling my inner Ron Swanson and just bringing in a bottle of Lagavulin scotch (don’t you dare put ice in it) for Mixology Monday. Nor would I want to share my Lagavulin (sorry Arketians).

Without further adieu, here is a simple 5 ingredient mojito recipe to get your chill on.

mojito recipeIngredients

  1. 1.5 oz of white rum (or 2 if you’re feeling adventurous…)
  2. 1.5 oz lime juice, fresh squeezed is preferable but the bottle stuff will work
  3. 1 teaspoon of sugar
  4. 5 fresh mint leaves (medium to large leaves)
  5. 2 oz club soda


  1. Place sugar and mint in highball glass, muddle leaves and sugar until leaves are heavily bruised (this releases the mint oils)
  2. Pour rum into glass and give it a good stir
  3. Pour lime juice into glass and give that a good stir too
  4. Pour club soda into glass and give the whole thing a light stir
  5. Place beach chair somewhere sunny and preferably near a body of water, grab your shades and enjoy!

This really is a drink best made individually, but you can also prepare a pitcher to save time when entertaining a large crowd. I find the flavor is best when made one at a time. Even if it’s for 15 people. But it was well worth the effort and everyone seemed to enjoy them, including our client.

In the end, I felt accomplished and got to drink one of my favorite cocktails. Not bad for a Monday.

By Cody Burkhart – September 19, 2016

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