Corporate Marketer in an Agency World – Corporate vs. Agency

My name is Dan Earle and I'm a corporate marketer who now works at an agency. Wait what? How did this happen? Corporate vs. Agency I always thought I was destined to stay in the corporate marketing world, using my skills to grow a single brand into something amazing from the inside. How did I [...]

5 Must-Have Technologies for Marketers

Update on the marketing technology landscape In preparing for next week’s Geek Out on Marketing Technology event here in Atlanta, I started thinking more about how crazy the martech landscape has grown over the past few years.  Five years ago we all shook our heads when Scott Brinker published his first marketing technology landscape visual.  […]

There’s no such thing as bad publicity

Recently a good friend of the agency, entrepreneur David Cummings, published a blog post on P.T. Barnum’s 20 Rules for Making Money that got me thinking. Every PR person knows P.T. Barnum, the founder of Barnum & Bailey Circus and a proven American showman and businessman, is widely credited with the expression, “There's no such [...]

The Secrets to Email Marketing [Infographic]

For many marketers, email marketing has become equivalent to the hammer in the carpenter’s tool belt. It’s a staple; something that we have come to rely on as a day-to-day necessity. However, this hasn’t always been the case. Long before email’s time in the spotlight, B2B and B2C marketers relied on two primary methods for direct marketing outreach: […]

Arketi Toasts Winter Goodbye

Farewell winter! In attempt to celebrate the end of winter, I wanted to make a warm, comforting drink – which had to be mulled cider. Double Spiced Mulled Cider. The extra comfort comes from not one, but two liquors. In fact, this is one of those recipes that is easy to eyeball and adjust to [...]

Marketing to Millennials

I recently came across the following chart on consumer purchasing preferences, courtesy of MarketingSherpa, and was struck by the stark contrast in behavior between millennials (typically age 15-35) and boomers (typically age 51-69). Yes, I know the way of the world is changing, especially when it comes to social media usage and online advertising. But [...]

18 Expert Insights: B2B Marketing Predictions for 2016 [List]

Is this the year of comebacks or new innovation? According to some of the top B2B marketers, there are 3 marketing strategies marketers are including in their annual plans. 1. Personalization As the number of marketing tools continues to grow and data becomes more accessible, personalization will be critical to getting customers’ attention in 2016. […]

Mixology Monday: Making Your Winter Dreams Come True

Oh the weather outside is frightful. Ok, it may be an unnaturally warm Monday in December, but nothing can stop Team Arketi from toasting to the winter holidays. This mixology Monday we’re mixing up a cold batch of Winter Dreams also known as "Christmas in a Cup." As you venture home for the holidays or [...]

2016 Economic Predictions

This week I heard Dr. Donald Ratajczak, consulting economist and Regents Professor Emeritus of Economics at Georgia State University, speak about the 2016 economic forecast to a group of CEOs and CFOs at the December Technology Executives Roundtable meeting. Given everything that’s happening on a national and global front, this was a great event to [...]

The Best Place to Network

Perfecting the art of networking takes time, requiring you to create your own style and method. With each occasion different from the next, you’ll have events where you know people and others where you don’t know anyone. For some networkers, it’s not easy to attend an event with a room full of strangers. For others, […]

Final Fantasy Football – Week 8

While our Fantasy Football brackets have been in motion for the past few weeks, we wanted to share an inside look at the friendly competition between our FF newbies and veterans. Enjoy!   Folks, let me tell you what a good week looks like. In the past week, J.K. Rowling announced she was penning a […]

B2B Public Relations Talk on biz1190

Arketi‘s Mike Neumeier joined Eric Holtzclaw of The Eric Holtzclaw Show in studio to give share a glimpse into the expanding world of public relations. PR isn’t just about handling a crisis anymore, PR involves social media management and, according to Mike, is inching ever closer to being identified with driving sales.  For Tech Tip Tuesday on biz1190, […]

Account-Based Marketing: 5 Big Mistakes to Avoid

Listen to the podcast or read along!   1) Failing to set expectations Connecting the dots between marketing and sales around the account list, contact names, titles and overall approach in an account-based marketing strategy should be a no-brainer.  But the effort impacts other parts of the organization too,  as it may produce a disruption […]

Mixology Monday – Old Fashioned

As a marketing and PR firm staking its claim on high technology, we’re often fixated on the future. However, there’s great power in reflection…and what better way to reflect than with an Old Fashioned in hand. For this month’s Mixology Monday, the Arketi team broke out the Bulleit, queued up a little Frank Sinatra and […]

Print is not dead….

Do you prefer to read print or digital magazines? Another great article by Jack Loechner, editor of The Center for Media Research's daily Research Brief. In this one, he sheds some light on a new study that finds print magazine outnumber digital magazine reads 2 to 1. While looking at consumer reading habits, B2B marketers should [...]

Mixology Monday – Raspberry Mojito

Summer is a time to enjoy summer fruity flavors, bold colors and time with co-workers; at least that’s how we like to enjoy a cocktail at Arketi. During August’s #MixologyMonday, barketi opened to “shake up” a good time with the raspberry mojito. Pulling in a summer berry and refreshing mint, along with a few other […]

23 Experts Reveal Top B2B SEO Strategies for Success [List]

23 Experts Reveal Top B2B SEO Strategies for Success As more B2B marketers embrace the power of search marketing, the need for effective optimization strategies is more critical than ever. While SEO presents a big opportunity to generate high quality leads, many B2B marketers are in the dark on how to leverage innovative search marketing [...]

Survive Your 1st Month in a PR & Marketing Agency

Knees weak, palms are sweaty. There’s vomit on his sweater already; mom’s spaghetti. He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready… Ok, so your first day probably isn’t as dramatic (and hopefully not as angry) as an Eminem song, but the song captures the anxiety-filled nature of that first-day experience. You just […]

Mixology Monday – Tequila Sunrise

To welcome the Summer, our team enjoyed refreshing and fruity tequila sunrises for #MixologyMonday. This cocktail is named for its appearance with gradients of color that create a sunrise effect. The modern drink originated from California in the early 1970s, so it’s no surprise this is the very state where I enjoyed my first tequila sunrise. […]

Why Outlines Make Me (and you) a Better Writer [Tips]

Believe it or not: Outlines improve writing For the past few weeks, Arketi has been all about the importance of outline development. It may seem elementary, but I know that I often jump straight into writing without taking enough time to look at the bigger picture of the work, whether it’s a blog post, press […]

SES Atlanta Re-cap

Last week, a few of us at Arketi had the opportunity to attend SES Atlanta, an industry-leading search marketing conference held in various cities across the world. The focus of the conference was education about search marketing best practices and trends, but also served as an outlet for attendees to network and share knowledge and […]

What Content Do Business Executives Look For?

Developing content for business executives In the world of content marketing, content reigns king. However, a recent survey from The Economist and marketing research firm Peppercomm reveals that there is a massive disconnect between the content that business executives seek and the content that marketers provide. No one likes a blatant sales pitch–especially business executives. So […]

What is Considered a Good Domain Authority?

Our SEO team is often asked by clients, “What is a good Domain Authority?” and “What should our Domain Authority be?” These questions are tricky to answer as a website’s Domain Authority, often written as DA, is the combination of many factors. With many misconceptions and opinions floating around about what a good Domain Authority […]

Putting the “Y” back in Marketing – Marketing Questions to Ask

The Arketi team has started asking “why?” more. It’s not that we’ve regressed back to our toddler days. Rather, we believe this simple question has the power to make us, and our clients, better marketers. As any 4-year-old will tell you, the power of “why?” lies in its implicit questioning of the status quo. Just […]