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68 Best B2B Social Media Tools

Is your B2B company working social media? You should be. Social isn’t “just for the youngins,” anymore. With their impressive demographic data you can target, social media is a powerful B2B tool to leverage in your marketing arsenal, and we know the best ones!

Smart People Saying Smart Stuff Part 4: Tyrone Webb, Jr.

As a continuation of our Smart People Saying Smart Stuff series, Arketians were fortunate to have a member of SAP’s global social media marketing team, Tyrone Webb, Jr., join us. For the lunch-n-learn, he shared his insights into the software world. Tyrone’s talk comes after hearing about media relations, creating content people care about and [...]

The Integral Role of PR for Social Change

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a PRSA and BPRS luncheon at the newly opened Center for Civil and Human Rights in downtown Atlanta. There, Doug Shipman, the Center’s CEO and executive director, and Alexis Scott, the Center’s vice president of member relations, spoke to local PR professionals about the role of communications […]

3 Easy Ways B2B Marketers Can Use Twitter to Generate Leads

The debate over the “best” social media channel (amidst the sea of social media options) continues to grow. As PR pros and marketers, many of us are “social media mavens” and oftentimes ahead of the social media curve, but we are also selective in how we use these channels. We categorize our friends, contacts and activities […]

Corporate Social Media: New Rules for Engagement

I recently attended a Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) meeting where the topic of discussion was social media. We discussed social strategies for reaching stakeholders today, including channels, audience, conversation and measurement. Technology marketers offered up their adventures in social media and associated takeaways. The discussion yielded some interesting insights, which I’ve recapped below: What […]

7 Tips for Effective Social Media Writing [List]

Earlier this year, a few of us at Arketi tuned in for a PRSA webinar titled “Writing for Social Media: How to Write Blog Postings, Tweets and Other Status Updates.” Ann Wylie’s presentation included helpful tips to improve social media writing and increase engagement. By making your writing relevant, interesting and easy, you’ll improve your […]

Listen, Then Engage Your Customers on Twitter

At Arketi, our Stop Selling. Start Listening. movement puts the customer at the center of all PR and marketing priorities. We apply this method of thinking and doing across all communications initiatives — both traditional and digital. Listening can be easier to do on some channels than others. On Twitter specifically, there is a lot […]

Social Media: Positive, Negative or Natural?

Social media has changed how we communicate, but for better or worse? For every article that discusses how social media is making us dumber and less satisfied, another highlights how our personal connections have improved. So which is it? Social media is a communication tool, and what determines the effectiveness of any tool is how […]

The Y2SM Plan: A Social Media Toolbox To Prevent Brand Apocalypse

Have you emptied your Y2K “war room” yet? Remember not too long ago when the looming threat of the Y2K computer failures had people around the world designating a safety locale and filling it with dried food, water and medical supplies to protect against the possible doom (think Southern snowstorm on steroids)? It seems silly […]

Tweeters Block? 6 Ways To Keep Your Social Media Fresh

It’s no secret that social media has emerged as an efficient outlet for businesses to relay messages to their desired audiences. As a result, most businesses have one, if not more, Twitter pages. It is one thing to have a Twitter page – it is another to know how to properly use it. Take a […]

Measuring Social Media: What’s the Bottom Line?

eMarketer recently reported on the findings of the “2010 Social Media Benchmarking Study” conducted by Ketchum and FedEx and presented data from SmartBrief and Summus. The article posits that while businesses engage in social media at different levels, the goals are relatively consistent across the board. What struck me in the findings was the absence […]

Join the Crowd: The Importance of LinkedIn

According to a recent survey from OneSource, the most effective social network for prospecting new clients was LinkedIn, which rated 3.1 out of 5 for effectiveness, compared with the ratings of 2 for blogs, 1.9 for Facebook and 1.8 for Twitter. As a result of LinkedIn’s effectiveness, more companies are beginning to use this business-oriented site […]