Taking Thought Leadership by the Horns

Business-to-business technology companies often face two combined hurdles: how to generate content for marketing and sales and how to increase leads for the sales team.

In order to keep prospective customers energized and interested in your products or services, marketing teams must have relevant and compelling content to deliver as part of their marketing strategy. Often companies struggle in developing original content because, simply put, they are focused on delivering their core business. This puts B2B marketers in a bind.

Creating killer content
One way to break out of this uncomfortable situation is to commit to a thought leadership strategy grounded in unique industry research. Architecting and executing focused survey campaigns is one of the strongest ways to deliver a unique form of thought leadership that generates persuasive content, and that can be leveraged across multiple marketing avenues.

Creating content your company can own also permits you to highlight your company’s expertise and differentiate it from the competition with fact-based data. By elevating the conversation to trends and issues – and away from features and benefits – you can stake a claim to a true thought leadership position.

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By Mike Neumeier, APR – September 16, 2008

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