Three Media Relations Habits to Stop Today

When it comes to media relations, do you feel like you’re doing all the right things but yet no one is biting? Chances are you can improve you strategy by breaking three simple media relations bad habits.

Bad habit #1: email blasts.

For more, watch the video below as Arketi’s Joy Reddy fills you in on the habits you need to stop today!

Video Transcript:

Media relations is often a key tactic to the overall success of your company’s PR and marketing strategy, but if you’re like most companies, you’d like to land more ink.

First, you have to understand that the way journalists work has changed. The landscape has shifted because of new tools, outlets, writers and producers.

Here’s my suggestion: Stop pitching and start listening. If you want to see more media relations success, stop these three habits today.

First, stop blasting. An email blast is potentially the worst way to get a reaction. Instead, know what your key targets have been writing and adjust the angle to speak to their audience.

Second, stop pestering. Learn how to be persistent but not intrusive. Follow up sparingly, politely, and take no for an answer. Remember, journalists today are being asked to do more with less. Be mindful of their workload.

Finally, stop pigeon-holing. There is a wide variety of outlets, angles and mediums. Keep an ongoing conversation alive with your top 10 targets, but consider widening your scope far beyond traditional media to other market influencers.

By trying to put an end to these bad media relations habits, you’re likely to see more success with your outreach and land more ink!



By Jackie – April 21, 2014

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