What Content Do Business Executives Look For?

Developing content for business executives

In the world of content marketing, content reigns king. However, a recent survey from The Economist and marketing research firm Peppercomm reveals that there is a massive disconnect between the content that business executives seek and the content that marketers provide.

No one likes a blatant sales pitch–especially business executives. So why do marketers continue to develop and push out content that focuses on their products or services instead of content that prospects are looking for?

Developing content for business executives

A recent Media Post article examined findings from a survey report titled, “Missing the Mark: Global Content Survey of Brand Marketers and their B2B Audiences.” From this piece, the following findings stood out to us the most:

  • 75% of global business leaders surveyed report that they turn to content to research complex business ideas within their industries. Executives find the most value in content that helps them better understand the general views and practices of their peers.
  • Content that presents two sides of complicated industry issues and content that confirms or sheds new light on business strategies are considered to have value.
  • Conversely, 71% of executives have a strong distaste for content that reads like a sales pitch. Unfortunately, most marketers produce content in order to sell. 93% of marketers surveyed reported that they connect their content directly to a product or service.
  • By evaluating the success of content marketing strictly by leads, brands end up creating the exact type of sales-centric content that business leaders dislike. Many of these brands simply have no better alternative, as a third of global marketers report that they simply do not know (or do not have access to) the proper KPIs to accurately measure and assess their content marketing campaigns.
  • Traditional digital content mediums,  still resonate best with global business leaders, says the report. 85% of those surveyed prefer text-based articles, while only 5% polled find video to be useful for helping to make business decisions. 78% of executives surveyed prefer to browse content on their laptop or desktop computers, with only 7% reporting a preference for smartphone consumption.

The global survey included 500 global business executives to find out what they look for from content providers and 500 global brand marketers to determine their expectations of “content.”

Our Take?

The majority of content we develop as B2B marketers should be thought leadership pieces targeting the top levels of the sales funnel. In fact, content that positions an organization as a thought leader is stronger than most sales collateral.

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By Mary Rose Macaranas – July 1, 2015

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