CMO Roundtable Recap

Many thanks for attending our 15th annual Tech CMO Roundtable! Food, fellowship, fun and fabulous ideas were shared by all. And speaking of sharing, we have some things to share with you.


First, we offer you our most recent Arketi Insights, which summarizes the Top 10 B2B marketing trends gleaned from our conversations with you during the Roundtable. It includes some zingers at the end.

Second, many of you wanted to get your hands and eyes on feature presenter Mary Shea’s PowerPoint presentation because it was pretty powerful. Well, ask and you will receive.

Third, our creative team has taken some tidbits from the survey you turned in before leaving the Roundtable. Take a look below!

cmo recap stat 1 cmo recap stat 2 cmo recap stat 3

Arketi Eats Session

Last but certainly not least, I want to offer you and your team an Arketi Eats session in early 2022, which could help jump start your annual planning session. This is a fast-moving, 35-minute session which includes more about the hottest B2B marketing and communications trends, and a show-and-tell of some of our latest projects. It’ll also spark discussion around how your company can leverage marketing trends and get the creative juices flowing to help meet your 2022 goals.

And best of all, we’ll bring the food! Just email Mike at to set up a time.

Looking forward to hearing from you!