PR and marketing for technology companies

At Arketi Group, we work with two types of companies: those who make
world-changing technology, and those who use technology to create
innovative businesses.

We apply strategic PR and marketing to help these companies
generate revenue and accelerate growth.

Arketi Group provides services that run the gamut of marketing and public relations. Messaging, branding, design, research, image creation, reputation management, media coverage; you name it, we can help you do it. Our integrated model brings the best practices of each of these services together. The result is a comprehensive communications springboard for your company. Arketi Group believes marketing works when you are integrated – when you are consistent. We pull from all of these disciplines so that you get everything you expect and more.

Having spent decades each in marketing, consulting, business development, public relations, sales, and creative roles, the founding principals have seen first-hand the difference between great and less-than-great marketing.

We have come to the conclusion that the best marketing supports the business objective – be it gaining market share, thwarting a competitive threat, or generating revenue – and includes systems and processes to evaluate whether those goals are reached.

If you want vision...
If you want execution...
If you want accountability...
If you want results...

You want Arketi Group.

Bulletproof Your Marketing Budget - Get it now
Arketi Insights

Bulletproof Your Marketing Budget

How to build the case, lead the conversation and convince the C-suite

As marketers, we’re all familiar with the adage “Half my advertising dollars are wasted – I just don’t know which half.” During the past decade, our CEOs and CFOs have given up worrying about which half it is – they’ve just slashed the marketing budget, and left you to figure out where to make the savings.

So if you want more budget, you’d better have a bulletproof case for it.