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Solely focused on digital marketing and PR for BtoB technology companies, Arketi has been consistently recognized by Chief Marketer magazine as one of the nation’s “B2B Top Shops.”

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Here are some more examples of Arketi's work.

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Stibo Systems

Brand video for Stibo Systems


The barcode scanner has become a commodity. But Zebra – the company that practically invented the technology – still delivers a performance edge.


PRGX helps retailers find missed rebates, overpayments and other losses hidden in their complex procurement and payment cycles. This video brings that issue to life.

GT Software

This short video explains how GT Software’s NeoSuite lets you easily migrate mainframe apps to the modern flexibility of .NET/Windows.

Point A

This video, created in collaboration with Georgia-Pacific, helped the paper-product giant explain how its new collaborative innovation center will solve supply chain challenges through Industry 4.0 technologies.


People leave things behind all the time. This explainer video shows NetTracer helps airlines and other organizations handle lost and found items efficiently – and at zero cost to them.


This short video for NanoLumens communicates the benefits – and the excitement – of their large-format, flexible and ultra-bright display walls.

GT Software

To add a video punch to their redesigned website, GT Software and Arketi worked together to create three fast-paced product and corporate videos, which have been praised by their prospects and recognized as a Gold Winner from the Muse Creative Awards.


For this provider of document destruction and information management services, we developed a video to launch the new national major account customer loyalty program.


For this provider of building safety inspection software, we recorded and edited several short customer testimonial videos at their user conference.


This video for Atlanta’s Technology Executive Roundtable provides a short introduction to the C-level networking organization.


For the launch of the Technology Association of Georgia's State of the Industry Report, Arketi produced a video overview highlighting the new dynamic website's features.


For use at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Arketi created a video loop that quickly explained the company's unique solutions to the challenges of mobile marketing.


Arketi produced a series of case study videos showing how the Jabra's headsets and unified communications technology have improved business for customers such as this limousine company.

Digital Assent

This 2-minute informercial presents the company's revolutionary PatientPad, which allows electronic check-in at the doctor's office.


For the company's corporate health division, Benergy, this video launched new branding and messaging to a primarily internal audience, along with selected customers.


Arketi produced this “commercial” to highlight the key benefits of using Benergy for benefits enrollment.


The communications provider tasked Arketi with producing a video to get its salesforce excited about the launch of a new approach the the way the company bundles its solutions.


To showcase the company’s commitment to small business success in the Twin Cities, Arketi produced this video for the communications provider's Minneapolis-St. Paul office.


This video provides a product overview as well as installation instructions for Uplink’s uTRAQ GPS tracking device.


To promote the security software provider's participation at the Black Hat hackers conference, Arketi created this video, featuring a spokeszombie playing off the IT security term “zombie.”


For Cox Communications, we created the Tech’d Out TV show and supporting microsite to cover technology news and trends for a broad audience.

Sierra Wireless

To get the Sales team excited about a new offering and set the tone for 2017, we built a punchy, upbeat and informative video for Sierra Wireless.

Xerox Mortgage Services

BlitzDocs is a cloud-based, intelligent collaborative network for the mortgage industry that accelerates loans throughout the entire lifecycle. This quicktour is a high-level introduction to its capabilities and benefits.


u-TRAQ by Uplink is a GPS tracking solution for vehicles, sold as an add-on product by security alarm dealers. This quicktour walks dealers through the steps in installing and setting up a new u-TRAQ customer account.


Arketi developed an extended Quicktour that presents this specialized extension for SAP enterprise applications in manufacturing environments, using a "day in the life" storyline.

Greenway Medical

This quicktour talks to doctors and their administrative staff about the benefits of Greenway's electronic medical records solution.



Contact Relief


GT Software


Blue Ridge





Keynote Presentation





Sierra Wireless America








Brady Ware

Visit the new website for accounting firm Brady Ware in a new window.

GT Software

Visit the reinvented GT Software website in a new window.

Mobile Labs

Visit the live Mobile Labs website in a new window.

Accel Networks

Visit the Accel Networks website (now a part of Sierra Wireless) in a new window.

National Technology Security Coalition

Visit the live NTSC website in a new window.


Visit the live Mitec website in a new window.


Visit the live Aptean website in a new window.


Visit the live Highjump website in a new window.


See the Logfire website in a new window.

Cohesive Solutions

Visit the live Cohesive Solutions website in a new window.

FinTech South

Visit the live FinTech South website in a new window.

TAG State of the Industry

Visit the live Technology Associaiton of Georgia - State of the Industry website in a new window.


Visit the live Linq3 website in a new window.


Visit the live UniversalAET website in a new window.

ARA Newmark

Visit the live ARA Newmark website in a new window.


Visit the live Brightree website in a new window.


Visit the live BuildingReports website in a new window.


Visit the live TrueCommerce website in a new window.

MIT Enterprise Forum Atlanta

Visit the live MIT Enterprise Forum Atlanta website in a new window.

Zotec Partners

Visit the live Zotec Partners website in a new window.

Technology Executives Roundtable

Visit the live Technology Executives Roundtable website in a new window.


For Cox Communications, we created the Tech’d Out TV show and supporting microsite to cover technology news and trends for a broad audience.

FinTech Atlanta

Visit the live FinTech Atlanta website in a new window.


Visit the live Membersuite website in a new window.

Ingo Money Enterprise

Visit the live Ingo Money Enterprise website in a new window.


Remote Learning infographic


data usage infographic


upload capacity infographic

First Data

We conducted a survey to explore the attitudes and actions of consumers towards online security and personal data. Then Arketi's in-house studio helped bring the facts and figures to life in an interactive infographic.


Onboarding infographic

Arketi Group

FinTech infographic

Arketi Group

We asked 3 generations of B2B buyers – Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials – about their role in their organizations’ technology buying process. Some of their responses upturn much of the conventional wisdom about influences and influencers in the buying cycle.















Xerox Mortgage Serices



Click to view the ControlScan framework diagram.


Click to view the Convergys framework diagram.


Click to view the iText framework diagram.


Click to view the Kahua framework diagram.

Knowledge Infusion

Click to view the Knowledge Infusion framework diagram.

Oversight Systems

Click to view the Oversight Systems framework diagram.


Click to view the Synthis framework diagram.


Click to view the TerraGo framework diagram.


We built an online cost saving calculator to help manufacturers visualize the potential impact of eliminating paper-based, performance measurement on the shop floor. Visitors simply plug in readily-available, currently reported metrics and the easy-to-use calculator illustrates the typical savings manufacturers can achieve with Aptean's manufacturing execution system (MES).


Arketi Group built BuildingReports an ROI calculator to help visitors better understand the cost savings through BuildingReports’ advanced inspection tools. With just a few pieces of information about current inspections, visitors get a customized report where they can see how BuildingReports can drastically reduce the time to create and improve the accuracy of inspection reports.


When selecting warehouse management software, a key decision is whether to go with an on-premise system or a cloud-based solution. We built an online calculator to guide visitors through a few questions and help them make a smart decision on which approach is best for their company’s needs.


Warehouse operators can enter a few numbers and see just how much they can expect to save by switching to Snapfulfil's unique cloud-based, managed service WMS. And it works in your local currency!

Blue Ridge Global

In just three quick steps, this cool calculator shows how much Advanced Supply Chain Planning can impact a business’s revenues, cashflow, inventory – and its bottom line.


In complex environments such as healthcare, there are many stakeholders and teams working together. To help all parties understand each other’s roles, challenges and the benefits of using Brightree Hospice software, we built an interactive hospice workflow around 19 touches in the hospice environment.

Mobile Labs

With just one number, the number of hours it takes to test an app before delivery, it’s clear to see why a test automation tool is so important. This sassy calculator serves up some amusing answers.


Linq3 logo

Day of Service by TAG

TAG Day of Service logo

Fin Tech Atlanta

Fin Tech Atlanta logo

Fin Tech South

Fin Tech South logo

Member Suite

Member Suite logo

The Summit

The Summit by TAG logo

One Chart

One Chart logo

The Vine

The Vine by TAG logo

UL Chemical Insights

UL Chemical Insights logo


Highlights from an animated infographic Arketi Group worked on for Promethean.

COX Covid-19 Fast Facts

Arketi Group helped COX illustrate COVID-19 tips and information in a series of animated .gifs