Arketi Group Results

When we say Arketi Group is “where marketing generates revenue,” we mean it.

We’re delighted if people find our work clever, thought-provoking or entertaining. And we’re always flattered when people recognize our work with awards. But the real reward is when clients tell us our efforts are helping them generate revenue and accelerate growth. That’s how we measure success.

Some of these companies have been kind enough to let us share their story with you.

We invite you to browse these case studies. Perhaps there’s one that deals with a challenge you face. Another may spark an idea you haven’t considered. We can guarantee one thing: all demonstrate expertise in B2B technology across a variety of industries.

And, of course, if you’d like more details on any of them, let us know.




Breaking through at the big show

Brickstream breaks through at The BIG Show.

Read the case study
Read the Brickstream Case Study


Public relations and thought leadership for telecom provider

How to attract channel partners and build brand recognition in a new market, with limited budget and very little time.

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Read the Cbeyond Case Study

Cox Business

Standing out in a crowded space

It’s tough enough standing out in a market teeming with competitors. But try being Cox Business, whose “sexier” sister companies include the likes of Cox Communications, Cox Media Group and Cox Automotive.

Read the case study
Read the Cox Business Case Study



Every day, financial institutions are subjected to more than 70 million cyberevents. So, if there is one thing financial service executives have on their mind, it’s cybersecurity.

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Read the DefenseStorm Case Study


Injecting life Into an annual campaign

How many gift cards do you have sitting in a drawer? In your wallet or purse? If research is anything to go by, the answer is more than a couple at the very least.

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Read the Fiserv Case Study


Building thought leadership depth

Looking to build awareness for its broad suite of B2B payments solutions, FLEETCOR charged Arketi Group to position it as a fintech force across national, business, and payments-industry media.

Read the case study
Read the FLEETCOR Case Study

Georgia-Pacific Point A

Disrupting Atlanta's supply chain ecosystem

Arketi helps Georgia-Pacific start at Point A

Read the case study
Read the Georgia-Pacific Point A Case Study


Translating logistics expertise into thought leadership

When you’re in the business of third-party logistics (3PL), your job is to make supply chains run like clockwork behind the scenes – but you can’t be invisible when it comes to marketing yourself.

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Read the Kenco Case Study

NCR Retail & Hospitality


How does a 130-year-old company secure its position and stay relevant in a market as fast-moving as technology?

Read the case study
Read the NCR Retail & Hospitality Case Study

NCR Silver

Thought leadership campaign spotlights NCR Silver executive

There’s no shortage of small business technology experts doling out advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Read the case study
Read the NCR Silver Case Study


Becoming a thought leader

Finding IT's head in the clouds: Arketi uses industry survey to position PMG as a Thought Leader on "Cloud Sprawl."

Read the case study
Read the PMG Case Study


Cellphone courtesy generates buzz

Wireless operator Sprint was interested in furthering its thought leadership efforts when it first turned to Arketi.

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Read the Sprint Case Study

Stryten Energy

Powering up media relations

Looking to share its unique perspective and thought leadership, Stryten Energy engaged Arketi Group to establish itself as the authority on lead, lithium and vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) technologies.

Read the case study
Read the Stryten Energy Case Study

Xerox Mortgage Services

Positioning the power of collaboration

Our digital marketing and thought leadership campaign generated new leads for Xerox Mortgage and drove website engagement. See how we did it.

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Read the Xerox Mortgage Services Case Study