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Welcome to Körber Supply Chain, dedicated to helping you conquer supply chain complexity

Turn complexity into opportunity

Are you ahead of today’s supply chain challenges? Today, less than 10% are prepared to handle complexities from more products, suppliers, distribution channels and rising consumer expectations. You need more than a vendor. You need a partner that can deliver software, automation, voice, robotics, materials handling, plus the expertise to tie it all together.

That partner is Körber. Let's conquer your supply chain complexity, together.

Kӧrber is a customer-centric partner – one who understands customers’ specific needs and builds a solution around them. It’s our philosophy. No matter the industry, business size or appetite for growth, we offer a broad range of offerings grounded in deep expertise for any scenario.

Experience it for yourself on this virtual tour of a brewery – just one of the many industries we empower across the globe.


Solutions to simplify the storage and distribution of goods into and out of the production line


Technologies at work:

Rail Guided Vehicles


Technologies at work:


Stack/Layer Palletizers


Technologies at work:

Pallet Shuttle System


Advanced materials handling equipment and software to streamline the receiving, storage, picking and shipping of large amounts of goods


Robotics, voice, vision and mobility solutions to guide picking, packing and movement of goods across multiple distribution channels


Agile solutions to drive greater efficiency both inside and outside the warehouse to adapt to changing business and market environments


Experts to help conquer the complexity of your supply chain today and as your business and environmental needs expand, modify, and retrofit your company systems

Ready to learn more?

Supply Chain Software

From warehouse simulation to transportation management and proof of delivery, Körber provides full insight and management of distribution systems.

  • Manage warehouses, factory yards, industrial plants, marine terminals and transportation fleets
  • Maximize worker productivity and improve operational efficiencies
  • Increase accuracy and transparency across workflows to meet regulatory and compliance requirements


By designing and implementing automated solutions, Körber streamlines warehouse operations.

  • Benefit from holistic, technology-agnostic solutions integrated by experienced engineers
  • Design workflows built for heightening demands, tighter delivery windows and omnichannel fulfillment
  • Tap into AI and advanced data analytics to uncover actionable insights to enhance workflows

Voice, vision & mobility

Innovating warehouse operations with hands- and eyes-free technologies from Körber improves efficiency for a high return on investment in a short time.

  • Boost worker productivity, accuracy and safety
  • Increase visibility into warehouse activities with real-time data updates
  • Optimize workflows to get the most out of your workforce during peak periods


Bring a new level of performance and precision to your warehouse floor by implementing robotic solutions from Körber.

  • Deploy articulated arm robots, layer palletizers, and full Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
  • Cost effectively add new robots as demand dictates to drive efficiencies
  • Use existing cameras and sensors to operate AMRs without instruction

Materials handling

From the most automated warehouse to one utilizing a single robotic arm, Körber offers a full range of materials handling equipment to move inventory through your warehouse.

  • Meet diverse and timebound customer demands
  • Store and retrieve goods quickly while maximizing space
  • Move goods across different workstations efficiently and safely

Software consulting & implementation

With decades of experience bringing some of the world’s most complex supply chains online, Körber transforms operations with minimal disruption and supports evolving business environments.

  • Gain access to knowledgeable consultants and resources
  • Implement innovative technology solutions through system concepting and design services
  • Enhance team skillsets through expert trainings

SAP consulting & implementation

With extensive SAP logistics applications knowledge, Körber addresses your supply chain challenges, providing complete and seamless supply chain integration.

  • Access a comprehensive suite of solutions and add-ons
  • Future proof your supply chain with the latest industry standards, including SAP S/4HANA
  • Reduce data entry complexity while improving data security and consistency

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See how we’ve helped companies like yours conquer complexity
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