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Orchestrating a successful planning workshop is a challenge for many marketing executives. Ongoing execution, resource constraints, evolving priorities, and urgent crises all distract marketing leaders from sitting down with their teams to strategize and plan for next year.

All too often, the result is a cobbled together, last-minute meeting that lacks thoughtful depth and structure to propel your marketing team toward preeminence. Plus, if you’re the one leading the meeting, you are sidelining one of the most strategic minds in the room – yourself, the marketing leader.

Arketi Group has helped scores of clients build and host annual planning workshops that accelerate your team growth and marketing execution. Our approach combines logic and imagination to help you visualize your organization’s marketing goals and the steps needed to achieve them.

From planning and prioritization to blue sky creativity and ideation, we work with CMOs and other marketing executives to craft custom experiences that uplift your team culture and elevate next year’s marketing plan. We take the reins so you and your entire team can unlock your potential as we guide you through a proven process designed to generate thoughtful ideas and engagement.

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When you work with Arketi Group, you collaborate with expert marketers, writers, designers and strategists to create transformative marketing programs that deliver real business value.

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