bigWebApps is a leading provider of cloud-based help desk and customer support solutions. Its flagship product, bigWebApps HelpDesk, has been adopted by more than 400 organizations, representing more than 100,000 users, in nine countries and 43 states.


Beloved by the K-12 and higher education markets for years, bigWebApps strived to target network integrators and IT consultants as the company’s product offerings expanded with the launch of bigWebApps Fleet System and bigWebApps Warehouse Management.

With the expansion of new products and verticals, bigWebApps partnered with Arketi Group to architect and execute an integrated communications strategy with the following campaign goals:

  • Elevate the brand to better compete in existing markets and break into new markets.
  • Create a thought leadership platform that drives prospects and media interest.
  • Provide a consistent stream of leads for the sales team to cultivate.


Arketi began the integrated communications campaign by conducting an Unearth Session with bigWebApps’ executive team. As the first step of the Arketi process, the session helped Arketi to better understand bigWebApps’ business objectives, differentiation and marketing opportunities. After the Unearth Session, Arketi developed an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan that provided strategic and program recommendations for each of the three core marketing objectives.

To elevate the brand, Arketi began with developing a “go to market” message that resonated with K-12 education end-users, network integrators and IT consultants. Playing off their approachable personality and 95 percent client retention rate, Arketi crafted bigWebApps’ new “friendly” message and birthed the new “Love Your Help Desk” tagline.

To reinforce the new friendly messaging concept, Arketi redesigned and re-architected the bigWebApps website. 

Next we developed an eye-catching corporate brochure, “first strike” PowerPoint and case study template, which provided the bigWebApps sales team with the tools needed to sell.

After building a consistent message and brand, Arketi executed an ongoing public relations program to establish bigWebApps as a thought leader in the SaaS help desk solution space. Public relations activities included the creation and release of case studies, bylined articles and podcasts. Additionally, Arketi worked aggressively to secure media appointments at each bigWebApps tradeshow.

To provide a consistent stream of leads, Arketi developed quarterly eNewsletters and launched a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign to complement the website’s organic search. Recognizing that the website was bigWebApps’ largest lead generator, Arketi continually evaluated the bigWebApps website to stream navigation and provide captivating call-to-actions.


The integrated communications campaign for bigWebApps well exceeded its objectives in brand awareness, thought leadership and lead generation. The “friendly” message clearly resonated with target audiences – website traffic grew 355 percent and leads increased 300 percent year on year.

The majority of qualified leads were from bigWebApps’ new verticals – network integrators and IT consultants – expanding the company’sreach outside its well-established education presence.

bigWebApps also saw an increase in media traction with placements secured by Arketi in Atlanta Business Chronicle, Computer Technology Review and eSchool News. During the first 12 months, Arketi generated 11 positive stories and 15 tradeshow media appointments, which helped secure thought leadership in the education and technology/SaaS verticals.


“Before engaging Arketi, we were never able to successfully implement a consistent marketing message. Arketi has not only given us an image and helped show our personality, but they have been very professional in putting together a marketing plan focused on lead generation.”

Patrick Clement
CEO, bigWebApps

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