When we say Arketi Group is “where marketing generates revenue,” we really mean it. We’re delighted if people find our work clever, thought-provoking or entertaining. And we’re always flattered when people give us awards.

But the real reward for everyone at Arketi is when clients tell us our efforts are helping them generate revenue and accelerate growth. That’s how we measure our success.

Some of these companies have been kind enough to let us tell their story here.

We invite you to browse these case studies. Perhaps there's one that deals with a challenge you're facing yourself. Another may spark an idea you hadn't considered before. And of course, if you'd like more detail on any of these, let us know.

Do BtoB journalists use Pinterest? - Get it now
Fast Facts

Do BtoB journalists use Pinterest?

Arketi regularly polls several hundred BtoB journalists about what social media they use the most – and the most recent results surprised us. 

Of course, everyone's on LinkedIn. But where do reporters go to find story ideas and do research?

Wherever they're looking, isn't that where your company needs to be?