Arketi Group Shares its Not So Common Desktop Favorites

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Taking Thought Leadership by the Horns
We polled Arketi Group team members this month to learn more about their Internet surfing habits. From copywriting and design tips to PR and marketing sites, these not so common online resources are useful or just down right fun.


Apostrophe Abuse: For those of us who cringe at the thought of apostrophes sitting in the wrong place, and for those who don’t know any better.

Cliche Finder: Need a little inspiration to write a headline or improve your copy? Cliches might just be what you need. Not your ordinary dictionary. The "Word of the Day" application for Facebook sends a new multi-syllable word to your profile each day.

Encyclopedia of Business Cliches: Seth Godin sets the record straight on the most useful and useless business cliche and then some.

eSpindle: No, we’re not talking about weaving yarn. A quick reference for root words complements any naming exercise.

Freedict: Veni, vidi, vici! An English to Latin dictionary offers copywriters easy access to word definitions.

Quotation Marks: Yes, there is indeed a blog about unnecessary quotation marks.

Visual Thesaurus: Interactive is the name of the game. A great resource to help with brainstorming names, taglines or when you just need to find the right word.


Under Consideration: Offers a humorous look at the world of graphic design, plus stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest in visual communication.

Adobe TV: We don’t know everything, just a lot of things. A relatively new, free video how-to and information site that is a great place to pick up software tricks and tips.

Brand DNA: Score some of the latest thinking about branding and communication from this simple yet innovative blog.

FlashKit: Stuck with how to program a Flash movie? Chances are someone’s done it and made a tutorial. An added bonus comes with free audio downloads for special sound effects.

Ideas on Ideas: Not to be outdone, Eric Karjaluoto discusses design, brands and experience with flare. It’s so good you’ll want to slap your mama.

Business and Management

156 Spreadsheets: Not everyone can be a spreadsheet junky. For the rest of us, a helpful site that offers an expansive database of free spreadsheet downloads.

Manager's Tools: What’s the “net net” of this? A resource on how to better manage people and provide feedback. Technology Podcasts: All the news that’s fit to hear. Stay in-the-know with the latest technology buzz.

Online Fluency: Social media isn’t just for 20-somethings. Read about the business impact of social media along with thought-provoking material.

Reverse Telephone Area Code Finder: When you only have a phone number and don't know the city you are calling. Don’t forget to check the time zone while you’re at it!


BizStats: Need free, accurate business statistics? This is where it’s at.

Random Number Generator: For those critical moments when you need a random number and just can’t think of one.

Sample Size Calculator: The easy, free way to determine how many people you need to poll to get results that reflect your target population. You do surveys, don’t you?

PR and Marketing

eMarketer: Score the latest market research and trend analysis on online marketing, social media, eCommerce and advertising.

Institute for Public Relations: The gold standard in PR research and thinking, based at the University of Florida (we have a lot of gators in the office).

Social Meter: Just how popular are you? Scans the major social websites to analyze a webpage's social popularity.

TechNet: The one and only global list of technology tradeshows.

Just for Fun

Apple Insider: Mac, iPod and iPhone lovers need only apply. The latest news, rumors and gossip about this favorite technology company.

Bible Gateway: This site has an easy search capability to find biblical readings based on a specific topic.

Georgia Navigator: For those of us who live and commute in Atlanta…enough said.

Random Jack Bauer Facts: Need we say more?

Special Days to Celebrate: Want to know when to celebrate National Hot Dog Day, Donald Duck's Birthday or Share a Smile Day? You will find it here.

The Sartorialist: Enjoy the simple pleasure of admiring well-dressed people? We thought so.

This American Life: For fascinating listening, you can’t beat the deadpan delivery and “who’d a thunk it?” stories.

Arketi Group Shares its Not So Common Desktop Favorites was developed to provide useful and not so useful websites we visit regularly. If you have any questions, suggestions or additions, let us know!

We created B2B Marketing at its Core with the goal of enhancing your marketing and PR practices. We hope you enjoyed this edition.


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