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As the numbers of mobile device users continue to increase, so does the number of people who rely on mobile apps on a regular basis. An entertaining article in Lexus magazine on the top mobile apps for Lexus owners, it got us thinking, “What are the top apps for BtoB technology marketers?”

This question was posed to the Arketi team, and we came up with our own Top 10 list. Here it is:

10. AP Mobile: Receive breaking international, national and local news. News stays relevant throughout the day with regular updates so you’ll never be the last to hear about what is going on.

9. IEEE Standards Wireless Dictionary: Lost in a sea of tech acronyms? This app contains more than 3,200 wireless technology terms and definitions with an emphasis on commercial systems. With this app, you’ll know the difference between WMANs and WRANs!

8. HootSuite: Stay connected on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare while on-the-go. This wise Owl helps you send and schedule social media updates 24×7 through your smartphone.

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7. WorldMate: TechCrunch described WorldMate as “the Swiss Army Knife of Apps.” We agree. This app helps you find flights, check flight departure times, book hotel rooms, convert currencies and see weather forecasts worldwide.

6. Pardot Mobile: As marketing automation is being embraced by the profession, our friends at Pardot have created a powerful tool for accessing their marketing automation system anytime, anywhere. Sorry Android and BlackBerry users, this app is currently only available for the iPhone.

Where are the other five you ask? Visit “There is an App for That” posted on the Arketi blog. While you’re there, share with us your favorite app in the comment section!

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