LinkedIn Ranks As Top Social Media Site For Business Journalists

Our 2011 Arketi Web Watch Survey: Inside BtoB Media Usage of Social Media is hot off the press and reveals business-to-business media continue to have a rich appetite for using social media tools.

LinkedIn 92 percent This year’s survey found that 92 percent of journalists have a LinkedIn account, an increase from 85 percent in 2009. It comes as no surprise to us that more BtoB journalists are participating in social media sites, especially LinkedIn. Journalists are constantly seeking industry sources for story ideas and LinkedIn provides an online outlet for them to research and connect with potential sources.

In addition to LinkedIn, the survey found 85 percent of journalists are on Facebook (up from 55 percent in 2009) and 84 percent use Twitter (up from 24 percent in 2009). Almost half say they blog or read blogs regularly.

Industry sources 99 percentWhen compared to the 2009 Arketi Web Watch Survey, this year’s results show significantly more journalists are using social media tools. This means companies have more online channels through which they can reach media targets, which is both a blessing and curse for today’s PR professionals. To be seen as leaders in their field, companies need a robust online presence which includes engaging in the social media conversation and actively updating their website with news releases, webinars, and original content and research.

The 2011 Arketi Web Watch Survey also examined the following:

  • How business journalists find their sources
  • Where journalists get their story ideas
  • Why journalist participate in company-sponsored webinars
  • What business journalists find useful on a company’s website.

The 2011 Arketi Web Watch Survey seeks to understand the use of technology by BtoB journalists covering multiple industries. A free copy of the report’s findings and more can be downloaded at

If you are looking for assistance with constructing, executing or monitoring your social media outreach, we’re always happy to help. Start a dialogue with Arketi at

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