Stop Waiting for the ”Next Big Thing“

We were intrigued by Farhad Manjoo’s first 2014 High Definition column in the Wall Street Journal.

In it, he admonishes us all to “grow up” and stop whining about the lack of the “next big thing” in technology – in favor of celebrating the advances made over the past year. While he specifically calls out smartphones and tablets, the overall advice is good, and could be applied to technology marketers always looking for the “next big product differentiator.”

It really is worth taking a look back at the value our solutions are already bringing to the markets we serve, rather than waiting for the product development team to provide the next solution. Sure, new products are fun for marketers – but they are not the only path to success.

For most tech marketing and PR pros, any significant success we’ve achieved over the past few years is likely the result of finding a way to fill a customer need or solve a real problem, with a solid solution, and at a reasonable price.

What was “ahead of its time” two years ago often quickly becomes the “proven and trusted market solution.” There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, those proven offerings can be really fun to market.

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It may be that a message refresh or an adjusted positioning is in order. Just as fresh paint and new trim can work wonders for a room that’s starting to show some wear, a revitalized message – coupled with a renewed focus – can help extend your existing solution’s lifespan while “the next new thing” makes its way through the development cycle.

Updating a value proposition can take some work, but done well it can pay off in revenue and extended life for a technology solution. It can also rejuvenate the sales team, provide new angles for marketing campaigns, and show a fresh face to the prospect base.

For marketers, an additional benefit looking to existing solutions for new sales is the wealth of data we have about success and challenges. Leveraging the experiences of existing customers through feedback, persona research or surveys can provide insight to help revitalize the message and pave the way for shiny new Next Big Thing.

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