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Stryten Energy solves the world’s most pressing energy challenges. Powering everything from forklifts and cars to data centers and telecom networks, the company delivers premium energy storage solutions that keep our economy and infrastructure running.

Stryten Energy is also battery technology agnostic when it comes to stored power. It’s not about whether the battery uses lithium, lead, or vanadium chemistry, it’s about whether the solution fits customers’ specific needs and applications. This approach differentiates the company from its competition and opens the door for opportunities to share insights across multiple energy storage solutions.

Looking to share its unique perspective and thought leadership, Stryten Energy partnered with Arketi Group to establish itself as the authority on lead, lithium and vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) technologies. The company also wanted to educate media on the inherent value these technologies have for the United States’ short-, medium- and long-duration energy storage needs.



To better understand the energy storage marketplace, we first conducted a competitive audit. Our research into Stryten Energy’s top competitors revealed how we could differentiate the company’s message to amplify its brand story and media relations. We paired these insights with an analysis of industry, national and local reporters covering energy storage, as well as within relevant industry-specific verticals.

Central to our mission was positioning four business unit leaders as thought leaders. We partnered with Stryten Energy’s communications team to interview our suite of subject matter experts (SMEs) and build their platforms. Our conversation with each SME identified unique trends, areas of expertise and topics only they and Stryten Energy could address. We knew our pitches need to be compelling and offer reporters access to information they could not get anywhere else. Our spokespeople did not disappoint.


Following a workshop with leadership to uncover upcoming company announcements and initiatives, Arketi developed a 12-month PR plan, including a monthly calendar of timely topics and trends we would pitch to media. Our timeline-driven approach helped us track our progress and enhance collaboration between our two teams. This strategy also helped us engage our spokespeople as industry trends developed and evolved – further ensuring our pitches were timely and relevant.

Our overarching goal for the program was to establish Stryten Energy as a leading authority on lead, lithium and VRFB technologies; and to educate the media on the value they have for short-, medium- and long-duration energy storage needs in the United States.

Engineering a successful media relations program

With Stryten Energy’s technology addressing various industries and verticals, our pitching efforts were tailored for multiple distinct audiences. Our first focus was on media outlets covering energy storage trends, battery technologies and other innovative energy solutions. We committed equal attention to industry-specific publications, for example, those covering utilities, data centers, telecommunications, material handling, supply chains, military and government.

Our proactive media outreach, executed against our monthly schedule, secured a wide range of interviews and contributed articles for Stryten Energy’s SMEs. Specific to interviews, Arketi developed in-depth briefing materials with talking points, media personas and best practices to prepare our experts and help them develop a relationship with media. Likewise, for written or contributed opportunities, Arketi developed and executed all messaging and content with the help of our experts and Stryten Energy’s communications team.

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“Positioning Stryten Energy as the authority on energy storage is an essential part of our brand awareness strategy. Collaborating with Arketi on this effort allowed us to maximize our company’s thought leaders, target the right media outlets and share our in-depth expertise and insights to position our brand at the center of meaningful conversations for our industry and the industries we serve. I’m pleased with the results the Arketi team delivered in a short amount of time to position Stryten Energy at the forefront of the future of energy storage.”

Melissa Floyd

VP of Corporate Communications & Digital Marketing

Stryten Energy

Additionally, Arketi produced an infographic for Energy Awareness Month highlighting energy resilience challenges and storage trends. The infographic was leveraged for our media relations efforts, on Stryten Energy’s blog and via social media. It offered a quick and concise way for readers to visualize the state of energy resilience in the United States, and for media to then share those insights with their audience.

Ultimately, Arketi secured 39 pieces of earned media coverage with target media for Stryten Energy – including placements with POWER Magazine, ISE Magazine, North American Clean Energy, Solar Today, Battery Power, SupplyChainBrain, Utility Dive, AltEnergyMag, Energy Storage News and Data Center Knowledge. The total reach of our campaign surpassed approximately 3.4 million and created valuable momentum for Stryten Energy as we continue to refine and expand our media relations efforts together.

Of course, not one to leave coverage on the shelf, we also merchandized our earned media through a monthly newsletter to customers, prospects and internal stakeholders. The newsletter saw positive results with an above-average 40% email open rate and 5% click-through rate. The email was designed with fewer buttons to keep readers engaged with the content, so surpassing a B2B industry average of 2.5% was a testament to the content’s value and importance.




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