April 2019
Global acquisitions call for a global rebrand

Global acquisitions call for a global rebrand

In 2015, HighJump Software was in the midst of a successful growth-by-acquisition strategy. However, the acquisitions left the global supply chain software provider with multiple brands and websites, and a less than coordinated global market identity.

Keen to revamp and align its web presence, HighJump engaged Arketi to create a new website and refresh the company’s overall brand, bringing consistency to its global customers and prospects. And to top off the tall order, all global sites needed to be launched simultaneously with minimal downtime.

Always up for a challenge, Arketi met with the HighJump team and proposed the following strategic trifecta:

  1. Hammer out a messaging platform that will help guide web content development and better represent HighJump and its product groups.
  2. Breathe life into a new visual identity that reflects both the newly acquired brands and the future promise of the company.
  3. Develop a cool new digital presence—four websites, each engaging customers and prospects with a clear UI and region-specific content.

The lay of the land

Arketi began the project with a series of half-day “Unearth” sessions with HighJump executives. These sessions were supplemented by quantitative and qualitative surveys for the company’s executive team, cutting to the chase on product use cases and customer decision-making.

By examining these areas, Arketi identified key points of differentiation to drive the development of message and brand design. This led us to conclude the best way to support HighJump corporate and its EDI product (TrueCommerce) positioning with a dual brand strategy.

Next, Arketi conducted in-depth interviews with prospects and customers to validate buying trends and aid HighJump’s positioning. The deep dive continued with competitor message research and a competitive website analysis to identify gaps in market messages the team could exploit. Armed with this 360-degree strategic view of the market, Arketi set to work on a development plan.

Based on our research, Arketi created comprehensive message platforms for both HighJump and TrueCommerce—from an overall concept of “agile” down to the elevator pitch and boilerplate. We followed these with a series of supporting messages for later use in web content and other marketing materials.

A new look for a new voice

To support the brand strategy, the team decided to create four websites – one for HighJump and three for TrueCommerce – that shared a common look and feel but allowed for localized content and customization.

Yet the team faced a major challenge in unifying four distinct websites. To do so, Arketi sketched a sleek visual brand platform for HighJump and a closely related identity for TrueCommerce. These visual identities then guided the creation of information architectures and wireframes for each website, supporting the larger HighJump brand with room for cultural and content variability.

Higher engagement, more conversions

While visuals were important, the design team prioritized the user experience above all else. The team focused on simple navigation and functionality coupled with mobile responsiveness to ensure a smooth user experience, regardless of how the user was accessing the sites.

And the tallest task, the simultaneous “go live”… our creative team made it look easy, implementing the four websites while ensuring zero downtime for the site migrations during business hours.

Six months after launching the new websites, HighJump is pleased with its new visual identity and brand messaging. And engagement has spiked, with a nearly 40 percent increase in page views across the sites. The company also noticed a 34 percent spike in visitors making contact from extended calls-to-action on the main HighJump site.

Now, as HighJump continues forward with its sights set of further growth, it does so with a unified brand and brand message to appeal to prospects across the globe.



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